Weekly theme Birth winners

The 1x photographers prove that even a seemingly narrow theme like "birth" can give inspiration to a variety of interpretations. This week we have seen the birth of humans, animals, plants and even the occasional rubber duck! Congratulations to Piet Flour, Norbert Becke and Luis Bonito!

1st place, "No words to describe the feeling" by Piet Flour.

2nd place, "Sheltering the newborn" by Norbert Becke.

3rd place, "Mum!" by Luis Bonito.


By Fernando Alves.

By Davide Lopresti.

By Yvette Depaepe.

By Alfred Forns.

By Silvia Simonato.

By Jorge Lume.

By Irina Kuznetsova (Iridi).

By Christian Todea.

By Jim Trant.

By Racho.

By Marcos Gali.

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