Weekly theme Aviation winners

Last week's theme gave the contestants the opportunity to try their wings with various motives high up in the sky. The entries were full of aircraft, birds and many wonderful clouds. The three winners who flew the highest were Huib Limberg, Rhino and Piet Flour. Congratulations!



1st place, "Keep course...!" by Huib Limberg.



2nd place, "The claw" by Rhino.

3rd place, "A wonderful flight" by Piet Flour.


By Wim Schuurmans.

By Petar Boskovski.

By Chris Hamilton.

By Dave Quince.

By Jedusi.

By Simone Sander.

By Markus Lissner.

By markoairismeri.

By HadiMohsentabar.

By VaclavKindl.

By Dina Belenko.

By Javi.

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