Want to be published in 1x yearbook 2014?

We have now started working on the 2014 edition of our annual coffee-table photo book. This year the book will have a new concept, it will be completely black and white, to promote this form of art photography. It will be more exclusive than ever, printed in a very small limited edition of only 999 books, all signed and numbered. The book will be called Mono.

Being published in the yearbook is considered the highest honor on 1x. It's something special seeing your photos in print and not just on a computer screen, and to hold the book, with your own work inside, in your hands.

To particpate, sign the "Yearbook 2014" agreement in "Account settings" and upload all your published black and white photos in high resolution in the cog wheel below the photos "Upload print version" (JPG-format, original resolution from camera, no upsizing/downsizing). The sooner you sign and upload the higher is your chance to be published.

Let's make this book the most artistic and memorable yet!

Our 2013 yearbook Passion (click for more info and to look inside):


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