Want to be published in 1x tutorial book?

There is still a chance to be published in the next 1x tutorial book with one or more of your published photos in any category. You will get 3 months of Pro membership for each tutorial you write, up to one year, if you'd like to contribute. Being published in an 1x book means great recognition and exposure.

What we need is a description of at least 700 words each not counting camera info and biography of how one or more of your published photos are made.

The tutorial should include the idea, the planning, the preparation, the execution, detailed post-processinand 3 important hints for succeeding with a photo like this. It should also include a short biography. Please select among your most popular photos.

If you are interested, please find detailed instructions and questions about what to write here: http://1x.com/instructions/writing_tutorials.html



Photographic Visions and Photo Inspiration, previous tutorial books.

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