Vocalization of emotions through photography

by Yvette Depaepe


“Caring arms” by Andre du plessis


Human sounds convey emotions better than words do.
We all know a number of non-verbal expressions of emotions like laughter, cries and sighs.
These vocalizations are recognizable across vastly different cultures throughout history.
Emotions undoubtedly play a central role in human lives. They are universally felt by all on this planet.

Photography is important because it can influence our capacity to empathize.  It has an incredible ability to convey emotion.  It makes us “FEEL” without words, it gives a silent voice to the images.

Photography is more important than ever because we need visual imagery that reflects our connectedness, especially in a world that can be as inhumane as ours.

Photography is powerful because we can place ourselves into the perspective of those we see in an image.

I did a search in the 1x archives and found many images that moved me to tears, laughter, joy or sadness.  I hope that through this short gallery, you will not hold back any emotions and will be touched as much as I was by what you see and feel.

Each one of these photographs speaks for itself, all are a silent vocalization of emotions.


“Through generations” by oğuz ipçi


“Sisters” by Andre du Plessis


“Take care of me” by Norbert Becke


“My best friend” by Elena Gromova


“Father love” by Mike Kremer


"Sad” by girdan nasution


“The Performer” by Marc Apers


“Untitled” by Hilde Ghesqiuere


“Universes” by Sol Marrades


“till the last moment” by oğuz ipçi


“Mary” by Ellen van Deelen


“Fun” by Monica


“Twins sharing sorrow” by Yvette Depaepe


“Mothers protection” by Tatyana Tomsickova


“Tenderness” by Marco Gratani


“Why” by Dorothea Boonstra


“Mother saying goodbye to her angel” by Jan Møller Hansen


“This is the miracle of life” by Yvette Depaepe


“My warrior” by Andre du plessis


“The big trick” by Andre du plessis


“A man & his dog” by Marc Apers


“Untitled” by Raphael Guarino


“Remember The Time” by Mirela Momanu


“Caress” by Margherita Vitagliano


“Caretaking” by Marc Apers


“Love” by Stefan Eisele


“Love in the Rain” by Alfonso Reno


“Adieu” by Enzo Penna


“Spring” by Svetlana Melik-Nubarova


“Happiness” by Dilek Yurdakul Uyar


“Long love” by Sarawut intarob


“Care” by Andre Arment

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