Traffic camera captures a stunning snowy owl shot

This impressive and rare shot of a snowy owl in full flight was captured by the surveillance cameras of the road network on highway 40 on the Island of Montreal in Canada.


Wildlife experts suggested the curious owl was attempting to perch on the camera to watch for prey in the surrounding fields.  Many photographers have spent years trying to capture such an image.

Although this is a great and rare shot, we are very proud to show you exceptional snowy owl shots taken by talented 1x photographers. 


by Peter Stahl



by Mircea Costina



by Axel Hildebrandt



by Don Hamilton Jr.



by Lise De Serre



by Anping Liu



by Jim Luo



by Lise De Serre



by Mircea Costina



by Peter Stahl



by Cheng Chang



by Sufang Wang



by Lise De Serre



by Kim Abel



by Gary Zeng



by Yves Adams



by Jim Cumming



by Akihiro Asama


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