The story behind Mad Madrid

1x Photo Awards 2015 is open for entries and it's very exciting to see all the wonderful photos that already are in the contest. With a total prize sum over $21000, it's important that the right photos win and we are sure that National Geographics senior editor Kim Hubbard is the right woman for the job. If you haven't submitted your photos yet, you can do it here.

If you need inspiration, it might be a good idea to take a look at previous years winners. This is what 1xLearning is good for. Here you can learn how award winning photos were created, straight from the photographer!

Alejandro Marcos finished 2nd in 1x Photo Awards 2013 with his extraordinary photo "Mad Madrid". Alejandro has been kind enough to tell us his ideas behind the photo and how he went on and realized it. You can now read the tutorial for free on 1xLearning for a limited time. You will find the tutorial here. 

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