The most important release in the history of 1x

1x was started in 2007 by Ralf and Jacob, two photo enthusiasts from Uppsala, Sweden. Back then, we were using many different photo sites, but we were not satisfied with the quality level of those sites and the lack of useful feedback on our photos. These were the two main reasons we started 1x.

Our vision is to create a gallery with the best photography of the internet, reaching for the sublime. An important way to achieve this goal is to help photographers develop their skills and take their craft to the next level. We already have the critique forum, with expert senior critics, and the feedback in members' curation, but now we are taking it one step further. In just one week, November 3, we will make the most important release so far in the history of 1x. A brand new learning platform.

We belive that you are not born an artist, but that you become an artist thanks to a strong passion and dedication and the right ideas, inspiration and instruction. Many of the great masters of photography became famous by learning from other masters. You can learn by yourself but with a guide helping you to navigate the field of photography you can avoid the pitfalls and develop your skills much more rapidly.  

We believe that everyone has an inner artist just waiting to be unlocked. And we will provide the tools needed to discover the artist in you. Stay tuned!

**The new learning platform will be available for Pro members. At the same time we are going to raise the membership prices so this is the last week to upgrade or extend your membership for the current lower prices.


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