The Magic of Waterfalls

by Swapnil. 

Waterfalls are often an invitation to meditate, to let our philosophical in thoughts flow with the water, to enjoy their “silence” and let our emotions free..
I have always been intrigued by their beauty, sounds and sheer brilliance.
Waterfalls are magical creations of nature.  They really push you into the realm of such positivity due to their unending symphony. They always have that hidden message that falling won’t hurt, whether philosophically or photographically. 


“Beyond the world” by Damian Stoszko (Czech Republic)

Mother Earth has blessed us with so many of those jewels.

Some are and will be there from inception to eternity. 
Some are seasonal like the small unknown rivulets flowing peacefully through the forests or downhill.
Some are overwhelming by their size and sounds, some are mesmerizing by their structure and calm.

We, photographers tend to experiment with those beautiful natural phenomenons by creating fine art.  We use neutral density filters to make them look silky or fast shutter speeds to freeze the motion. We like to have a human figure to show the scale.  We take advantage of  sunrises, sunsets or Northern lights to make them look even more magical. The combination of waterfalls and their surroundings give us a myriad of chances to create fantastic images. Waterfalls are one of  the most photographed natural phenomena since they are - in a certain way - easy to lign up with our philosophical thoughts.

Enjoy this compilation of amazing and outstanding waterfall shots by 1x photographers...


“Palouse waterfall and the Milky Way” by JIE CHEN  (Washington) 


“Yosemite Spring” by Rob Darby (USA)   

“Havasu falls” by Björn Billing (Arizona)  



“Powerful Splendor” by Yvette Depaepe (Niagara falls)  



“Falling Rivers” by Yvette Depaepe (Yellowstone)  



Light Colosseum” by Blake Randall (Palouse falls – Washington)



“Etive Rainbow” by Antonio Prado Pérez (Scotland)    


Frozen in the moonlight” by Franz Schumacher (Germany)  

“The blue curtain” by Keijo Savolainen (Finland)    



“Water Dance” by John Kitching (New Zealand)   



“Seljalandsfoss” by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN (Iceland) 



“Selfoss Waterfall Iceland” by Bill Devlin   



“Night falls” by Nadia De Lange (Iceland)  



Come forth into the light of things...” by Yvette Depaepe (NY State)  



“Elowah falls” by Shenshen Dou (Columbia) 



“Red Eden” by rudi gunawan (Indonesia)   



“autumn” by swapnil. (Iceland)   



“Seljalandsfoss” by David Martín Castán (Iceland)  



“Powered by light” by Carlos Resende (Iceland)   


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