The magic of Rainbows

by Yvette Depaepe

Rainbows! Who could have thought that a simple phenomenon of the bending of light as it passes through water droplets can create such an amazing spectrum of colours. When this arc of seven colours appears in the sky it also brings a smiling arc on everyone’s face.


“The Spring Bliss” by Shenshen Dou

A rainbow is one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth.
Their appearance will depend upon the conditions and they are something that will often happen completely out of the blue. 

Many cultures have legends and myths surrounding the power of rainbows.
Some cultures believe that rainbows are associated with demons as sometimes the rainbow's generating storms are accompanied by lightning and thunder.
Some cultures believe that you mustn’t point towards a rainbow otherwise it will bring bad luck.
Some cultures consider rainbows as a bridge between Earth and Heaven.
In western culture it is considered lucky to look at a rainbow and it is known as a symbol of renewed hope.
The north eastern Siberian tribes see the rainbow as the tongue of the sun!
A rainbow seen over the ocean is considered as a fortunate sign by the Arawak Indians of South America.

Rainbows always were a source of inspiration for countless works of art, music, and poetry.
Nowadays, they also are a challenge for photographers.  Hard to catch because they are so unpredictable.

I was delighted to discover some breath taking rainbow shots in the 1x archives.
All of them bring us the magic of those most elusive moments.

Rainbows will never cease to amaze us. 
I wish you all the opportunity to catch one someday.


“Rainbow at Moeraki Boulders” by Jianyi Wu  


“Shower” by James Puttick


“God's Canvas” by Drew Hopper


“Gruener Heiner” by Franz Schumacher


“The storm is over” by Franz Schumacher


“Iceland” by Yoann Milan


“As Catedrais (Lugo, Spain) Lunar rainbow” by Martin Zalba


“Beautiful Blyth” by Peter Beckwith


“Tornabow II” by Marco Rank


“Path to the rainbow” by Pavol Stranak

“The God's testament” by karan4o


“Gold Hues” by Patrick Marson Ong


“Rainbow on the Sea” by Karol Nienartowicz


"Rainbow over Monument Valley" by Manfred Kollegger


“Kirkjufell//Iceland” by OZMEN7O


“Rainbow at bottom of Waterfall” by Tim Vollmer


“The observer” by Juan Luis Duran


“Parisian spirit” by Bertrand Kulik

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