The Magic of Analogue Photography is still alive

by Raul Pires Coelho


"Rural Moments" by Rui Pires

I always say, photography is to be seen and enjoyed as paper in hand, especially if it is printed the traditional way: enlarger, gelatin silver paper, chemicals, and so on.

You can only understand what I mean if you've had a traditional print like that in front of you.

But this is the XXI century, photography has travelled far in its short life. Today digital images rule, I guess we can still call it photography and we are members of a website about photography where digital is the medium. Even traditional prints and negatives can be scanned and wide sharing is possible. As well we can always buy a print from whatever we see online.

But I think that even on a computer screen I can spot the analogue process behind the image, there is no replacement for the black and white that comes from silver on a negative, or even colour negatives or positives, there is always that unmistakable feeling.

So what I did was for search for tags like analogue, kodak, ilford, adox, mamiya, rolleiflex, and a few more.

And believe me, even on a screen, the “film look” still have that distinct feeling and can be thoroughly enjoyed: true grain, compressed colour, the poetics of film photography!

Hope you like it.

And my respect and admiration for all those represented here.

“Great dane bodyguard" by Dieter Matthes

“Shewolf” by NakStaph

“Valerie” by Serjio

“Nautica” by Alexey Frolov


“***” by Artem Stisovyak


“madeleine” by Matthias Leberle

“Rejection” by Yannis Economou

“Lena” by Vladimir Milovanovic

“Diving-board” by Alain Baumgarten

“Walking on Ice in Bruges” by Yvette Depaepe

“la mesa” by Michael G. Magin

“by the way” by Rolland Flinta

“L.” by Tomas Donat

“Riders on the storm” by Susanne Stoop

“eight seconds thoughts” by Mattias Leberle

“la ivanova” by Mattias Leberle

“Rakam” by noarno

“London's peanuts” by Didier Guibert

“People of the pit 12” by Sorin Vidis

“Ray” by Sorin Vidis

“big little girl” by anka zhuravleva

“pierrot. Part 1” by anka zhuravleva

“Generationen” by Hendrik Krönert

“Waiting Patiently” by Peter J Wilson

"Douro River Valley" by Rui Pires


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