The first Monthly theme is..


The first theme for our Monthly theme contest is: Abstract. 

Abstract photography is about creating a visual image that can not be immidiatly associated with objects or places in the real world. This can be accomplished by isolating a part of a well known object or enviroment, thereby putting it out of context for the viewer. It can also be done through creative use of light, colors and textures to create certain impressions. Skilled abstract photographers can twist and turn natural scenes from our ordinary life and make us look at them in a completly new way.

One photographer who has proven especially skilled doing so is Paulo Abrantes. With his clever compositions and effective use of black and white, his work in the abstract genre is truly spectacular. We are very glad to accounce that Paulo has agreed to be the guest judge for this month's Abstract theme.

The guest judge will select the top three winners. The rest of the positions are determined by public vote.

The winner of the 1st prize receives $250 in cash and 1 year of Unlimited membership (worth $239).

Winners 1-3 will receive a license for PhaseOne's new imaging software Capture One Pro (worth €229). For more information on Capture One Pro, click here.

You can upload your entry anytime during August. Then the voting will start. The winners will be announced by the end of September. 

We hope that everyone will take this opportunity to create new and original abstract photos. You can upload your photo here.

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