The colours of transhumance

by Marius Cinteză

By definition, the transhumance is a type of nomadism or pastoralism, a seasonal movement of people with their livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures. By history facts, the transhumance is a millenary activity whose roots were found on every continent and still present nowadays. Transhumance is practiced today in few countries (Romania being one of them), but is starting to become increasingly rare. Here the pastoralism is deeply blending with the people history and culture and it managed to survive the centuries as a tradition despite the threats to its continuation, the economic viability especially.

This tradition is kept alive and the people are proudly practicing it as way of day-by-day existence inherited from their parents or grandparents. Even nowadays one can see the flocks grazing quietly on the hills, or invading the roads on their way to a better pasture in the spring and autumn. For those looking from outside, it looks like an easy, idyllic, but especially simple life. In reality it may be simple and idyllic, but it is certainly not easy and fewer are the ones who dare to live it.


„Shepherd“ by orhankose

This living story pastoralism has been always a great source of inspiration for photographers either photojournalists, landscape or documentary photographers. The relationship between the shepherd, his flock and the nature around and all the rituals occurring between these inseparable entities create the special moments every photographer would like to pursuit.

The activities around the transhumance take place within the time intervals that are extraordinary and tempting to exploit by the photographers: early spring and late autumn. The mystery of the foggy mornings when the flock is hurrying to go through a new stage in its journey to the better places of grazing or the quiet evenings with the golden sunset when it gathers slowly for the overnight location, create wonderful stories that cannot be missed by those looking for remarkable photo works. We are very fortunate to have 1x photographers passionate about documenting the story of transhumance and capturing the special moments around this epic journey and the results are outstanding! I invite you to discover more on this millenary activity in the 1x photographers’ color works below!


„Sürü“ by Funda Orhan


by Massimo Della Latta


„L'espace Mioritique“ by Alin Stoianovici


„All together“ by Peter Svoboda


Sulov“ by Jakub Polomski


Sheep herd at sunset“ by Cristian Lee


Shadows“ by Hessam M. Nik


sheep herd“ by Nimet Gönenç Çınaroğlu


by serkan daldal


Smile shepherd“ (Tibetan) by sarawut intarob


by Marina


The Great Migration of China“ by Adam Wong


S h e p h e r d“ by Chris Wöhrle


„Transhumance“ by costin mugurel


„Toward new grasslands“ by Aida Ianeva


„Tozlu Yolculuk“ by murat Cacim


„Alpine Pastures“ by mihai ian nedelcu


„Shepherd and herd“ by yasarmetin


„Old shepherd“ by Saeed Barikani


„Let's Go Home__DSC1718“ by Manish Lakhani


„Moments“ by Ovidiu Satmari


Shepherd with 300“ by Marcin Sobas


„At the foot of the Tianshan Mountains“ by Jun Zuo


„herd“ by Ridvan Celik


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