The beauty of horses captured by 1X Photographers

by Editor Susanne Stoop

"My kingdom for a horse", a once king of England called - a long time ago - when he was losing both - first the horse and then the kingdom. I forget which king it was and when. In all honesty, I am too lazy to google it. So, if you want to know, do it yourself.

The horse - the worker, the racer, the dancer, the jumper, the sleeper, the runner. Domesticated and yet, all over the world, still running wild and free. It is so special and noble. Much loved and yet treated harshly sometimes. And much photographed.

I made a choice of the many beauties to be seen on 1X.

"Partners" by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN


"Sleep huddle" by Martin Stantchev



"Horses silhouetted in the light" by Jaap Coorens



"Running horses", by Allan Wallberg



"esata equina" by milan malovrh



"Horses b&w" by Michel Romaggi



"Countryside life" by Julien Oncete



"Campinos of Portugal" by Jovelino



"Where you go" by Ronni Santoso



"black and white" by Vedran Vidak



"back home" by dodyherawan



"Duuuhnnn" by M. Hülsbusch



"Playtime" by Bragi Ingibergsson – BRIN



"An indecisive horse" by Alfredo Oliva



"A journey to Bromo" by Sebastian Kisworo



Riders on the storm" by Rafa Herrero



"Morning gallop" by milan malovrh



"Horses in the fog" by Allen Wallberg



"The Calm Before the Storm" by Gloria Salgado Gispert



Moonlit" by Samuel Malach



" Finally at Home" by Vito Guarino



"conversation" by Olga Mest



"Winter Horse Race" by BJ Yang



"Back to the house" by Roman Lipinski © czeladnik



"Horses" by Didier Strugala



"Horses" by Kadir Civici



"And They're Off At Birdsville" by Sharon Lee Chapman



" Carriage in winter storm" by Alwin Koops



" La batalla" by Alfonso maseda varela



"Rush hour" by aumitcanan


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