The 'adventurous aura' around Wildlife Photography

by Editor  Swapnil

As a genre, wildlife has the most adventurous aura around it within most photographers in the world. It is one of those forms that require immense photography skills along with the knowledge of the subjects to anticipate their movements and their behavioural patterns. Along with these skills you do need great luck and be at the right time at the right place to make that photograph which makes people go wow!


“Comrades in color” by Ahmed Thabet

Apart from skills, knowledge and luck there is a fourth dimension, which we all come to think of before investing in, is GEAR.  While wildlife photographs can be taken using basic equipment, successful photography of some types of wildlife requires specialist equipment, such as macro lenses for insects, long focal length lenses for birds and underwater cameras for marine life.

In short you need high-end cameras and focal lengths ranging from 8mm to 800mm if you are a professional wildlife photographer.

“A Word in Your Ear” by Lourens Durand


“Pass by” by sufang wang


“The Kingfisher” by Petar Sabol


Adelie in Water Sport” by Siyu and Wei Photography

Thankfully amateurs can pursue wildlife photography with great quality and pocket friendly cameras and lenses as well like telephoto zoom lens ranges like 100-400mm. Wildlife as a genre incorporates other genres like macro, landscape, underwater, abstracts to name a few. The focal length depends on what type of image you want to get.

Dedicated macro lenses for insects and other microscopic patterns, wide angle to mid range zoom lenses to get that habitat along with animal and long range to get close tight frames of mammals and birds are generally used.

“In a world of bubbles” by Thierry Dufour


“Last Night On Earth” by Fabien BRAVIN

As a term when someone speaks of wildlife it means just having a trip to remote parts of earth, away from civilizations and making pictures of predators or elusive animals. Though as a definition this is true, one can make wildlife pictures in gardens lakes and trees near homes as well.

Generally national parks are best suited for wildlife photography. Most nations have national parks where animals safely and freely roam around and jeep safaris can take photographers around the paths and track wild animals for photography. Parks in Africa, India, Srilanka, Borneo,South America are famous all over the world for the range of wildlife these regions have.

It is worthwhile to mention that these days wildlife genre has expanded its horizons from being a documentary form to an art form. Images are more known for the concepts of art in them than just how exclusive or rare the animal is. The beautiful use of light, mist, fog in environment to monochrome style of editing to create dramatic mood in images is the new trend in wildlife images. Light concepts from studios like spotlight, rim light, frontal light ,sidelight work just as well in wildlife creating frames that were pretty tough in film days.

1X is proud to have all these bases covered with the artists creating stunning wildlife images all over the world. Just scroll down to enjoy the beautiful world of animals through their eyes…

“N/T” by Anna Cseresnjes


“CLASH” by Jaco Marx


“Click” by Marsel van Oosten


“Riding Bareback” by Morkel Erasmus


“The endangered Grevy Zebra” by Jeffrey C. Sink


“Stripes in Dust” by Morkel Erasmus


“Standing Out” by Morkel Erasmus


"ghost and the darkness" by Swapnil.


“Botswana Lion in Tree" by Keith Andrews


“N/T” by simona forte


“To Migrate” by Mohammed Alnaser


“Etosha” by Ulf Rugumayo Amundsen


“Tooth Picks” by Marsel van Oosten


“A Mothers Love” by Renee Doyle


“Catch me if you dare” by Jeffrey C. Sink


“Deadly Catch” by Phillip Chang


“it's mine” by Xavier Ortega


“Great Grey Owl – Head on” by Rick Dobson


“Wet” by Susanne Landolt


“I hate Lens Cover!” by Alessandro Catta


“One Man Army” by Marsel van Oosten


“Family talk” by Peter Svoboda


“Courageous” by Sergey Kokinskiy


“Your food is mine” by Eiji Itoyama


“Winter Spa” by Ben Cranke




“swan's morning” by Marei


“Africa Pallete” by John Fan


“Flamingo” by Phillip Chang


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