Superior animal photographs - A list by Antje Wenner

If you love animals this list is for you. Antje Wenner has put together a list of her favourite animal photos from 1x photographers. The list is quite comprehensing and include some of the most astonishing animal themed photos that 1x has to offer. You will find the list here.


"Let there be milk" by Timo Lehto.



"Friends" by Takeshi Marumoto.


"Afterplay" by Marsel Van Oosten.

"Hoopoe" by Max Zimmer.



"Snoozy and friend" by Ellen van Deelen.

"Pigeons in Patan Square, Kathmandu-Nepal" by Dan Mirica.

"The herder and the ducks" by Gunarto Song.

"The everyday routine of Bono" by Marin Marinov.

"Le chat noir" by Omar Brunt.



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