Stunning reflection landscape photographs

by Yan Zhang


Fishnets” by Jose Beut


In photography, reflection is an optical phenomenon that changes the light direction at the interface between two different media such as air and water. For many years, photographers have been attracted by such phenomenon and used it in their photography practice creatively.

In landscape photography, reflection provides an additional perspective for photographers to capture the nature sceneries. The most common form of reflection photographs is the mirror effect illustrating a symmetric composition of the subject, from which somewhat abstract, unusual and beautiful images is generated.

But there are other forms of reflection that photographers have used in making their works. In these forms, reflection is not simply used to provide a mirror effect in relation to the main subject, but more complicated impact may appear for the resulting image. For instance, reflected light can used to improve the lighting condition, greatly extends the photographer’s vision and transforms that vision into a stunning image.

In the following, I select 20 amazing reflection landscape photographs published on 1X gallery over the years. I wish these beautiful images would give people great inspiration and delightful enjoyment.


“Final Place” by Borsteinn H. Ingibergsson



A Night at Kirkjufell” by Simon Roppel



“Morning Reflection” by John Fan



“Reflections in the Lake” by Jose C. Lobato



Bled” by Zoric Sandi



Autumn Reflection” by Udo Dittmann



Vanished in the Infinite” by Yvette Depaepe



Reflection” by Martin Lutz



Follow the Flow” by Nanouk el Gama – Wijchers Cover Antelope



Reflection of Serenity” by Yan Zhang



Painting of Nature” by hardibudi



Lost” by Ales Komovec



“Untitled” by Jacob Jovelou



Glowing Vestrahorn” by Stefan Hefele



Lake Wanaka” by Mei Xu



The Lonely Island” by Andrey Trifonov



Lake Mystic” by Tad Cholinski



“Reflection” by Amnon Eichelberg



“Ox Bow #2 in BW” by Matt Anderson


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