Streets of Bucharest by On SPOT

by Editor Marius Cinteză 

Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. The subject of the photograph might be absent of people and can be an object or environment where the image projects a decidedly human character in facsimile or aesthetic.” - 


Finish Line” by Mirela Momanu


Street photography it is also a perpetual challenge and the best way to discover and capture streets spirit, emotions, moments and moods of the city, unaltered! In the daily life turmoil, we often find around us memorable sequences that we cherish as they occur and we want to keep them in a special way, like stopping the passing time just for a second. A gesture, a look, an attitude, an association or simply everyday life scenery, are fascinating events on the streets that we want to capture and keep them forever.

The passion for street photography gathers together enthusiastic photographers everywhere, in communities and groups, either small or large, sharing the same hobby and expressing their values together. In Bucharest we have “On SPOT” - the largest street photography community in Romania. On SPOT group was born from a simple idea: having an enthusiastic team shooting street photography, with members developing and growing together, learning from each other while spending quality time together and sharing the same dedication and commitment for street photography. The group was created by Mirela Momanu  and Fred Fogherty  following a street portrait workshop within “Bucharest Photo Week” event (the first international festival of photography in Bucharest), workshop enjoyed by more than 30 participants and 100 photos resulting from the practice session.


Twisted City” by Mirela Momanu


Windows 2 Sky” by Mirela Momanu


Two… Forever!” by Fred Fogherty


Street action” by Fred Fogherty

Currently the group is very active on social media (particularly on
Facebook, with more than 2500 registered members) and organizes regular street photography tours in Bucharest and in other cities (e.g. Cluj, Brasov) or abroad (e.g. Istanbul, Rome etc.). Bucharest, little Paris, offers fantastic opportunities for street photography either by its wonderful places or people, thus creating perfect conditions for street shooting. City center, Latin Passage, Lipscani Street, Moghioroș Park, Unirii, North Railway station or Tineretului Park are only few examples of excellent locations to practice street photography while interacting with the city and capturing its emotions! The photo tours of the group have generally predefined themes communicated to the members before the meeting (e.g. people in geometry, low angle, low light) thus making the tours more challenging and developing the participant’s ability to observe the urban environment and filter the wanted results only, according to the theme. Posting the best works on the group Facebook page it is regulated and it can be only done according to a defined schedule and rules (e.g. Tuesday – only creative street photos). The best selected group works resulted in the photo printed exhibitions being displayed and appreciated in Romania, Slovakia and also to internationals photo festivals.

Future plans of the group involve organizing workshops on photo processing, photo exhibitions (Romania and abroad) and the involvement in cultural projects of a larger scale. Apart from the Bucharest “core”, there are members adhering from abroad to the group and actively participating to group meetings, exhibitions, photo tours and also to the daily themes on the On SPOT Facebook page. Many streets photographers visiting the Bucharest were the group’s guests and special photo tours were organized to present them the city and to introduce the local street photographers. Apart from the usual collaboration in the street photography domain, these group meetings generate friendships!

Street photography in Bucharest by On SPOT members is special because it is dynamic, always surprising, and, not least, it is fun! If you enjoy street photography or wish to discover it you are welcome to join the group or join us in Bucharest photo tours!

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Discover the best of On SPOT members work exposed on!


Untitled” by Gianni Giatilis


Untitled” by Adrian Mitu


Jump” by Adrian Mitu


Day-dreaming” by Dana Corina Popescu


Ordinary cityscape” by Dana Corina Popescu


Runi!” by Pierre Pichot


Electric stairs” by Pierre Pichot


Good fortune” by Julien Oncete


Bucharest North railway station” by Julien Oncete


“Walk in the park” by Marius Cinteză


“Kick scooter rider” by Marius Cinteză


Multiple me” by Marius Cinteză


Love, love, love...” by Loredana Bîtculescu


„Darkness” by Loredana Bîtculescu


“Windows to heaven” by Sebastiaen


“Nobody can stop me” by Sebastiaen


“among ghosts” by Marius Surleac

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