Street Photography: Shape the essence with geometry elements

by Editor Marius Cinteză

"If the shutter was released at the decisive moment you have instinctively fixed a geometric pattern without which the photograph would have been formless and lifeless." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

'Geometric' by Hiroharu Matsumoto

The geometry elements have always been an important part of the human cultures symbolism and they should be on the bucket list of every street photographer.
Lines, curves, patterns and basic shapes such as triangles, circles or rectangles give a special flavour to the street compositions and the urban environments are abundant in such elements.
The presence of these elements in the street photography compositions has flourished nowadays since modern architecture evolved in the (large) urban environments. One only need to walk and observe them!

While shooting the street you never know what will happen next, you can only make some assumptions and anticipate the moments.
But whatever happens within the presence of geometry elements it is certainly special, it gives a new dimension and interpretation and it creates strong relationships with the viewer!

Geometry elements in the streets can be part of the composition as subject or background.
Either way, they help shaping the story and highlighting the essence of the street scene. Very often the people presence gives a sense of scale and complements the architectural surroundings abounding of the geometry patterns or basic shapes, thus strengthening the message and adding structure and organisation to the frame.

The geometry fascinated and influenced the important works of street photographers;
from pioneers (e.g. Henri Cartier-Bresson) to contemporary street photographers the geometry was used to enhance the visual experience and to create emotion.

I invite you to discover how the geometry elements give impact and creates structure and balance in the series of street photography below captured by 1x members!

'02' by Fernando Correia da Silva


'Line and Shadow' by Natalia Baras


'geometry of the city' by Wojciech Pokora


'Escape Plan' by Paulo Abrantes


'Enjoying the view' by Jeroen van de Wiel


'One more step' by Aziz Abbassi


'Pattern' by Koji Tajima


'Cycling tour' by Marc Apers


'Along a road' by Keisuke Ikeda @ blackcoffee


n/t by Jian Wang


'Ladder' by Fengshou . Lin 林峰守


'Triangle' by Yasuhiro Takachi


'On the edge of solitude' by NunoAndrade


'Walking The Dogs' by Eduardo Marques


'Hesitancy' by theo huybrechts


'Walking in a triangle' by Sara-le Elbar


'triangulations' by Olinda Coutinho


'Red with red' by Roberto Parola


'chess' by donghee, HAN


'On Spot' by Panfil Pirvulescu


'Days of Static' by Paulo Abrantes


'Com.unique.action' by Carmen Amato


'Black thoughts' by Nuno Rocha


'On the geometric eye' by Ekkachai Khemkum


'Man in a circle' by Inge Schuster


'It is scattered' by Kouji Tomihisa


n/t by Raceala Elena


'Rectangles' by Ibrahim Almulhim


'tu m'as promis' by Bogdan Bousca



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