Story winners and honorable mentions

The winners of the popular weekly theme Story with almost 1000 entries, were Nadav Dov Boretzki, Vito Guarino and Fernando Alves with their touching photos. All three winning photos were black and white, which is very suitabe to emphasize a story.

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1st place, "Living Memories" by Nadav Dov Boretzki.

2nd place, "Just a Little bit Tired" by Vito Guarino.

3rd place, "Will You Marry Me? by Fernando Aleves. 

By Shenshen Dou.

By Piet Flour.

By Malik Alnabhani.

By Jorge Lume.

By Nieves Bautista.

By Yvette Depaepe.

By Paulo Abrantes.

By Mieke Melnotte.

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