by Editor  Paulo Abrantes

'Triangeln' by Stefan Björn Buder


by Anna Niemiec


'D. Luís Bridge – Douro' by Fernando Jorge Gonçalves

In the photo world there are some recurring themes.
Stairs, with not so much margin for doubt, is one of those themes.

'smoking men' by Alexander Schönberg


'Half Of Us' by laura mexia


'Stairway to Heaven' by Kent Lufkin

Every photographer sees them in a unique way. Some for the abstract side, some for the architectural side, some for the street shooting side, some for composite and conceptual images, some even for including in a landscape scenario.

'Big hole' by Alvaro Sánchez


'Lord of the fortune' by Carlo Ferrara


'Coming down' by Fernand Hick

The point is, there are so many shapes of stairs and there are so many ways to include them as an element of a composition in a frame, the possibilities are almost endless.


by Adam  Fritzen


'Puppet On A String' by Mirela Momanu


'Lift off' by Ben Goossens

One can look at stairs and at escalators as the subject matter by itself or include this element as a part of the story in a street photograph or as an element in a conceptual composite image, one can give it more presence or less presence, put it more visible or less visible and so on.

'The basement floor' by Marc Apers


'Upper horizontal' by Ekkachai Khemkum


'2' by Thanakorn Chai Telan

Almost nobody can resist their charm and here on 1X, we can admire amazing pictures of stairs in a wide variety of genres. This is an appetizer for you to go out and shoot your vision of this amazing regular photo theme.

'Playing with Lines' by Stefan Krebs


'Silhouette' by Massimo Della Latta


'Leaving the Earth entrails' by Fernando Alves

In the 1x gallery, we can find stair and escalator shots in every category.

'The screw' by Jef Van den Houte


'As ruas do pó' by jorge pimenta


's/t' by Carlos Lopes Franco

It´s hard to be original in such a common and heavily used theme or in just using it as an element, and this is just a list to showcase the multiple and possible usage of some steps, handrails and walls to achieve some dynamics abstract compositions, to achieve some rhythm in street photography, to use them as an element in fine art nude, to give context in a street portrait or to achieve some story content in a conceptual picture.

'Morning music' by Filipe P Neto


'New baroque' by Luc Vangindertael


'A BIG UMBRELLA' by Olavo Azevedo

The possibilities to use stairs or escalators in a picture are almost endless but the way they are used is, by definition, a much more narrow path.

'Overnight' by Paulo Abrantes


'Staircase Tate Modern' by Inge Schuster


'right' by donghee, HAN


'Inbetween the lines' by Jeroen van de Wiel


'Tabakalera' by Ritxard Perez


'Stairs' by Andreas Bauer


'Double Mix' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp


'Black Ghost' by João Castro


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