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The new curation system is a huge success, never before we have seen such activity and enthusiasm on 1x! Many photos are getting hundreds of votes and a lot of great comments too. Big thanks to everyone making such great effort giving your fellow photographers a lot of useful feedback!

On the downside, there are still quite a few very short comments which will not help the photographer to develop or other people reading them to learn about photography. We have now added a bit of moderation to encourage writing long, useful, in-depth critiques. If someone writes a very short comment without any useful critique like "great photo" or "just perfect" it will be rated 1 star by a moderator or one of the official curators and the comment will be hidden and the person writing it will get -10 points. We will soon also send out an automatic warning message on OEmail explaning this and giving some tips about how to write critique. For example you can comment on the following: Idea, story, message, originality, style, composition, lighting, colors, sharpness and technical quality. There are a lot of different things to write about and longer, elaborated comments will never give you minus points!

On the other hand, very thoughtful comments will be rated 5 stars by a moderator or official curator and the person writing it will get +5 extra points. This means that if you write really useful critique you will rise in levels much more quickly.

Please make sure to write in English, it's a struggle for some people, but unfortunately it's the only common language on 1x. At least always provide a translation if you are writing in another language.

When you rate comments, remember that 1 star means a short comment without useful critique and 5 stars means a long, elaborate, quality comment. Even if you disagree with someone, try to be unbiased when you rate comments. Don't give a very very short comment 4 or 5 stars just because you like the person or the photo and don't give a very long elaborate comment only 1 or 2 stars. As long as a comment is well explained, it is a quality comment, even if you don't always agree with it.

Thanks again for helping out in curation your votes and comments are important!

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