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As time goes on, our definition of retro gradually evolves. The fast pace of technological progress and changing tastes makes aesthetics and objects seem old very quickly. 'Vintage' or 'retro' is but a feeling - that can be redefined by each photographer and with each edit, like fading the colours, adding some blur or simply using vintage objects.

Enjoy the gallery of the 10 best images and discover each photographer's perception of 'Vintage'.

The winners with the most votes are: 
1st place:   Fernando Alves
2nd place:  Richard Bland
3rd place:  Adolfo Urrutia

Thanks to everybody who participated to the 'Vintage' contest.


"Storms"  is the currently running theme.
Storms are not only a wonder to behold, they are also a thing of beauty that must be photographed. Some features to look out for when you're photographing storms are wall clouds, shelf clouds, anvils, mammatus, rain shafts, lightning and of course the thunderstorm itself.

The contest 'Storms' will end at midnight on Sunday the 3rd of February 2019.  The sooner you upload your image, the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it  here


1st place: Fernando Alves


2nd place: Richard Bland


3rd place: Adolfo Urrutia



by Katarzyna Gritzmann


by Marco Antonio Cobo


by Jose C. Lobato


by Bjorn Emanuelson


by Roswitha  Schleiher-Schwarz


by Antonio Perrone


by Michel Romaggi

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