Results Contest: Shores and beaches

Many excellent 'Shores and beaches' photographs were submitted to the contest.
Wonderful reflective, dreamlike, empty or crowded captures making us longing for the summertime.

The winners with the most votes this time are:

1st place: Carmelo Caserta 
2nd place: Adolfo Urrutia 
3rd place: pierre bacus 

Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions and thanks to all the participants on the contest 'Shores and beaches'.

'Tears' is the currently running theme.
Crying is the welling of tears in the eyes in response to emotions including happiness, sadness or anger. 
A tear is made of 1% water and 99% of feelings!
Show us your best and if you are in search of inspiration, read this article  about tears published last week.

The contest 'Tears' will end at midnight on Sunday the 23th  of June.
The sooner you upload your image, the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, you can do it here

1st place: Carmelo Caserta


2nd place: Adolfo Urrutia


3rd place: pierre bacus


by Martin Fleckenstein


by Xavier Garci


by  MJoão Ferreira


by Heidi Westum


by Ute Scherhag


by fikret kabay


by Marianne Siff Kusk


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