Prints payments to more photographers than ever

We are happy to tell you that more 1x photographers than ever have earned money through 1x print sales. The idea behind the 1x prints partner network is to allow our photographers to make money on their work, without having to concern themselves with the production, delivery and administration.

We recently decreased the payment limit to 50 EUR or USD. At the same time we also raised the price for 1x prints by many of our partners. This makes it easier to reach the payment limit and today more than 130 photographers have recieved payments for prints sold during the last quarter.

By making your photos available for sale through 1x, you reach out to millions of potential customers and get much more exposure for your work. The 1x prints partner network is constantly growing and we are working hard to make sure that all 1x photos are treated as the works of art that they are.

Congratulations to all photographers who have sold prints through 1x!



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