Please Rate Comments in Curation

It's very important that everyone who is active in curation helps out to rate comments. The point of curation comments is to give useful critique to the photographer that will help to improve the photo. To make sure that all comments have a high standard and are useful, please help the commenters to get feedback by voting on comments. Short comments should generally get lower scores and longer extensive comments higher scores, to encourage useful in-depth critique. If you have no critique to give, explain in-depth why you like the photo so much, commenting on several different aspects.

Please be neutral when you rate comments and rate them according to their length and how much useful information they contain. Don't give a high score to a short "Nice pic" comment just because you also like the photo, and don't give a low score to a long extensive comment just because you like the photo and the comment is critical. No buddy-voting please, don't give someone a high rating just because you like that person when the comment is very brief.

Here are some examples of how the stars are intended to be used:

1 star - "Great photo" (no critique given)

2 stars - "I like the lighting and composition a lot, cute pic" (not very useful, but a little more specific)

3 stars - "This is a great photo, but I think it would be stronger if you cropped out the empty space on the left and reduced the saturation" (brief but useful critique)

4 stars - "The subject in this photo has an umbrella but there is no rain. The added butterflies in the sky does not add to the message of this photo. Because of the many different objects, the story is confusing. Think more about what you want to say with the photo. The processing is a bit too much and makes the photo feel unnatural. The lighting is good, but the contrast is a bit too harsh." (extensive critique with several different aspects pointed out)

5 stars - (very extensive critique, comments on technical aspects and analysis of the idea behind the photo)

There are three main aspects of every photo:
1) Content. Does the photo contain something especially interesting or rare, like a rare animal or event?
2) Esthetics. Composition, light, colors, focus and technical quality.
3) Message. Does the photo have an interesting story to tell or message to convey? Does the different parts fit togheter or is it confusing? How is the mood and feeling of the photo?

Thanks a lot for helping out in curation and giving useful feedback to fellow photographers!

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