Photography and our memories

by Carla DLM 

by Eric Drigny

Transmitting feelings and emotions with photography is extremely challenging. Even when this is achieved, profoundly moving the viewer at the most intimate level is very rare. Every photographic category has remarkable examples of images that significantly impact our mind.

All senses, including smell, taste, hearing and touch are directly wired into the depth of our souls. But vision is perhaps the most powerful of our senses, making photography exceptional in this respect. Some images have some power that can immediately make distant memories resurface. How is this possible? Is our imagination playing tricks on us? For me, there is a simple explanation: I am a firm believer in the magic of photography and its power to free our minds.

Here are a few images from the 1X’s archives that gave me those kinds of feelings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


by Edith Hoffman

by Loic REMY

by Maïthé Guillaume


by Jacob Tuinenga


by Go Muroiwa


by hardibudi


by Marek Biegalski


by Jack Burger

by Alberto Bresciani



by Hadi Malijani


by Mirjam Delrue


by Alexander Schönberg


by Anna Niemiec


by Arnd Gottschalk


by Marius Cinteză


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