Photographing and recording Birds' most wonderful moments

by Editor David H Yang

Shooting birds has become a popular theme among photographers. Birds are different in shape, color and can be found almost everywhere in the world. They are a magical force in nature, full of seductive charm, attracting thousands of photographers taking birds as their main subjects.


Shooting birds is very interesting. Photographers would need to study and observe the variety of birds with different habitats, and factors like weather, light and luck can also affect the photo's aesthetic. Capturing a beautiful bird picture certainly is not a easy task. However, a perfect one could make the photographer feel extremely excited and the readers very joyful. Many photographers in the world have contributed lots of wonderful bird photos to 1x.

Usually, shooting a perfect photo is determined by aspects such as light, background, shooting distance and photographic equipment.

The soul of photography is the light. Bird photographers usually shoot in the morning and evening because of the beautiful, softer light. Birds are also usually active in the morning and night catching food.


Shooting distance is another key point of the photo's quality. Short distance can help capture more details of the bird, which is why so many photographers try to get close to the wild birds without disturbing them.


"Stilt Attack" by Greg Forcey

The background of bird photos is very important. Beginners are usually attracted by the beauty of the birds but ignore the background. However, a clean, bokeh background will enhance the bird and compliment its features. The bright contrast between a clear bird and blurred background will create a 3D sense. Choosing a good background is essential for capturing a nice image. If the background is too messy and confused with the color of the bird, it's difficult for the bird's beauty to shine through.



"The moment you will never forget!" by David H Yang

Taking photos of birds also requires special equipment. Telephoto lenses, a fast continuous shooting camera, and the tripod are the basic requirements, and will help capture the exciting moments.

Shooting birds seems difficult, but the subject is simple. Photographers just need to wait patiently for the right moment, and each photo can come out differently! It's nearly impossible for photographers to capture the same beautiful moment, even at the same time and same place.

Photographing and recording birds' wonderful moments will bring great joy in people's lives.



"Great Grey Owl" by Jun Zuo


"Roseate Spoonbill in Motion" by Jun Zuo


"Bird Art" by Christopher Schlaf



"In your face" by Peter Stahl


N/T by E.Amer


"Barn Swallow" by yaki zander


"White Pelican" by yaki zander


"In between" by Greg Barsh


"Taking A Bow" by David H Yang


"Lovers" by C.S. Tjandra


"In hurry" by C.S. Tjandra


"Mating dance" by Peter Stahl


"Crow vs Hawk" by Mircea Costina


"The Heron and the Perch" by Mircea Costina


"Dancing with Soulmate" by F i o n   W o n g


"Two models" by Judy Tseng


"Sushi Love" by fegari


"He knows what a portrait must look like" by Brigitte Nietsch


"Fly" by Stefano Ronchi


"Friends" by Greg Barsh


"asian barred owlet" by kuge zhong


"Common Bussard Fight" by Roland Albanese


"hang up" by malekalhazzaa


"fighting" by wei he

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