Photo Awards 2016 Winners

We are very proud and happy to finally present the winners of 1x Photo Awards 2016! Our very accomplished judge Lois Lammerhuber has selected three grand prize and 12 cateogry winners and there is also a grand people's choice winner and another 12 people's choice category winners. The photos range from the touching and thoughtful to the humorous and visually striking, what they all have in common is that they stir emotions. The winners are...

1st Prize $20,000

© Jonathan Bachman

2nd Prize $1,000

© Jörg Heidenberger

3rd Prize $500

© Thomas Crauwels

People's Choice Grand Prize $1,000

© Enrique Izquierdo

Abstract Judge's Choice

© Andreas Agazzi

Architecture Judge's Choice

© Michele Palazzo

Conceptual Judge's Choice

© Anette Ohlendorf

Creative Edit Judge's Choice

© Jaqueline Hammer

Documentary Judge's Choice

© Rui Caria

Fine Art Nude Judge's Choice

© Piotr Leczkowski

Landscape Judge's Choice

© Sebastian Wahlhuetter

Macro Judge's Choice

© Fauzan Maududdin

Nature Judge's Choice

© Peter Cai

People Judge's Choice

© Mikhail Potapov

Still Life Judge's Choice

© Juan Lamarca

Street Judge's Choice

© D Sorgatz

Abstract People's Choice

© Emmanuel Gimeno

Architecture People's Choice

© Paulo Abrantes

Conceptual People's Choice

© St Ella

Creative Edit People's Choice

© Sulaiman Almawash

Documentary People's Choice

© J Jimenez

Fine Art Nude People's Choice

© Hogf

Landscape People's Choice

© Martin Zalba

Macro People's Choice

© Thierry Dufour

Nature People's Choice

© Q Phia Sherry

People People's Choice

© Fabi Art

Still Life People's Choice

© Pedro Jarque

Street People's Choice

© Dieter Matthes

Our varmest congratulations to all the winners!

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