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Discover the beauty of macro photography

by Editor Miro Susta 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 17th of June 2024


Macro photography goes beyond close-ups, it is about finding ways and means of capturing small subjects on the image sensor at close to actual size or even enlarged.


'HoneyBee' by Marcel Egger


As already said, macro photography involves photographing small objects so that even the smallest details stand out in the resulting picture.


To be half asleep…' by Thierry Dufour


Sometimes, depending on the photo subject, patience and additional equipment are required, as the photo subjects are not always easy to spot and often refuse to stand still, or the lighting conditions do not guarantee sufficient photo quality.


'Bubble Bath 2' by Xiaohong Zhang


True or not, some orthodox macro photographers argue that the photo subject should be the same size or slightly smaller than the camera's sensor. Yes, that is partly true, but it is not a rule for macro photography.


'Basilisca verde' by Jimmy Hoffman


Traditionally, macro photography is defined by the magnification, whereby the limits of the macro range are usually set from a tenfold reduction (1:10) to a tenfold magnification (10:1) of an object on the shooting medium.


'Mushroom with Ladybug' by Andri Priyjadi



'picudo rojo macho' by Javier Rupérez


For example, if a spider few cm in size is discovered in the cellar, it can make a beautiful macro image in which its small body and the fine web around it stand out.


'The universe in infinitely small…' by Thierry Dufour



'Spider' by Thomas Thomopoulos


Immersing into a photographic microcosm brings many surprises - both positive and negative. It is generally a particularly challenging field of photography, but it is both compensated and rewarded with wonderful images.


'Shut up' by Savas Sener


Just a short drive outside the city and nature directly tempts you to photograph bumblebees or honeybees standing on or approaching the spring flower, blossoms of the first thorns, bushes and fruit trees, dewdrops on tulips and other natural objects.

Yes, we are talking about macro photography, for which spring season is perfect.


… by Oana Vasileniuc



'Fresh' by Jacky Parker



'Tulip' by Renė van Rijswijk


Every lover of nature and beautiful photography should not miss the opportunity to capture all kind of insects, birds, water dwellers - for example, the Eagle, Frog, little Bee, or colourful Butterfly, all of them an ideal "macro photo model".


'Eagle pursues prey' by Adriana K.H.



'European Hornet' by Stefan Nielsen



'l colori dell`estate' by Roberto Aldrovandi


Living and even dead nature is worth noticing, especially the delicate shoots, the textures of leaves and flowers, but also the filigree patterns of dry ground soil, raindrops on glass or dew in the middle of a rosette of leaves.


'Notocactus scopa' by Victor Mozqueda



'dreamland' by Peter Sziky-Peet



'Dying Leaf' by Aleš Klabus



'Rock hues' by Szabo Zsolt Andras



'Wadden Sea structures' by Piet Haaksma


Photographs of pets are also a safe bet.


… by Antonio Grambone


Simply search for forgotten things, open an old electronic device, and discover the completely unsuspected secrets of the macro world.


…. element sewing machine….by Johanes Januar



'Spot On!' By Adam Neuba


Or just discover part of human body…….


'The eye' by Abbas Arabzadeh



'A little miracle' by Sebastien del Grosso


Open eyes and observe it all around you and you will be surprised how many macro-objects are popping up around you.


'Dewdrops are the GEMS of the morning' by Yvette Depaepe


Following some useful hints, which will assist in capturing the tiny details of our world in an impressive way.

* A 90-105 mm macro lens is the ideal choice.
* Use a tripod and a remote release.
* Use manual focusing.
* If possible, look for diffuse light (direct sunlight can create hard shadows).
* Use a large aperture to blur the background and create the so-called bokeh effect.
* Experiment with different viewing angles to discover new and exciting perspectives.
* The exposure time should be at least 1/100 second.
* Mirror lock-up function should be used if available.


Tidy up your picture for that little bit extra, so consciously check all the corners of your picture and see if anything is bothering you. A small leaf, a crumb, a hair. With macro photography, everything suddenly becomes visible.


Finally, many photographers recommend a short exposure time for macro photos to avoid blurriness. However, if you work with a good tripod, you should not be afraid of longer exposure times, as these allow a better depth of field, and you can have a larger part of the image in focus because sharpness is extremely important for detailed macro images.
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Thank you very much for showing us a different world of the micro photography. Appreciate very much the collections of the wonderful works which open my eyes!
Dear Wanghan we appreciate your nice comment very much, thank you.
Beautiful. And very encouraging to try something new.
Many thanks Roland. Macro is very interesting and also challenging part of photography.
Beautiful serie 👏👏👏
Thanks for your nice praise, I'm pleased to hear you say that Serge.
Funny to see your article here, Miro. I miss floral macros since a long time here on 1x. Today, I had to scroll down 60 photos to find one and another 114 for the second. There are so many people, birds, wildlife shots awarded. Seems like floral shots are banned. Macro shots are a discovery of shapes in a scale we normally don't notice (even without bugs, spiders, bees, etc.) and my second best selling photo is a floral macro. But curators seem to simply disregard flowers, for what ever reason. For an art print selling gallery, not a good decision.
Straight out to the point, Mike !!! Always great to read you, my friend. Cheers, Yvette
That why I have also included flowers in the gallery. Thanks for your comment Mike.
Thank you so much for the wonderful and inspiring article with great photos!!
Great thanks for words of praise Eiji.
great gallery. Many thanks for sharing...
Hallo Cristiano, I am glad to see that you like it.
Great article! Thank you very much!
You are most welcome Xiaohong, than you for the praise.
Great article,Miro! Beautiful photo gallery!
Thank you very much, happy to see that you like it.
Thank very much Miro !!!
You are most welcome Thierry.
Thanks so much for this excellent article. Best regard
I am happy to see that you like it Montserrat.
Breathtaking pictures and a delightful article, such an amazing ‘macro-universe’.Congratulations and thank you, dear Miro!
Many thanks for your lovely words of praise and appreciation dear Gabriela.
What a great article and a wonderful gallery with these amazing photos. I am honored that you featured my photo in this wonderful portfolio. Thank you very much Miro.
You are most welcome Savas. I am happy to see that you like the article and the beautiful photos.
Fine article and collection. Thanks for showing.
Thank you Uwe for your nice words of appreciation.
Fine gallery and excellent article, Miro. Thanks for choosing one of my images. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you Yvette, It is honour for me to be able to include one of your beautiful photos in my article.
Super Photos
Many thanks Saša.