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City and city streets at night

by Editor Miro Susta
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 15th of December 2023

City and city’s street night photography is sometimes a challenge for photographers, but it offers many opportunities for creative pictures.


'Rivero' by Jose C. Lobato


Street photography over the winter night in cold weather, in snowy or even in rainy and foggy conditions can be very challenging but also rewarding.


'tombe la neige…' by Cristian Andreescu


In the period from November to March, street photography at night might be convenient…


'The street photographer' by Julien Oncete


... because there is no need to wait long into the night, so that the photographer can start his “work” late in the afternoon.


'waiting' by Michel Romaggi


However, anyone who tackles the subject of night street photography should be aware that patience as well as perseverance are prerequisites for convincing pictures.


'I Walk Alone ***' by Robert Thomson


There are also some important areas where completely different aspects must be considered.
The major challenges lie in finding the right location, proper focusing on the motive and very important choosing the optimal exposure time.

The most interesting places for night street photography are those where there might be many people. And these are usually the places where the nightlife happens, ideal for shooting great night photos.


'Santa’s Teambuilding' by Walde Jansky


Spectacular night photos can also be taken of illuminated cities from a distance, in cosy quiet alleys, lighted streets or simply on lively street promenade.


'City lights' by Miro Susta



'The night owls…' by Stefan Eisele



'Tamachi Tokyo Night Scene' by Yuzo Fujii



'Rain in the evening' by Anette Ohlendorf



'Lisbon night b&w' by Michel Romaggi


Street photography can be particularly wonderful during the "blue hour" -  the short period of time after sunset before the darkness falls.


'Blue hour in the alley' by Nicodemo Quaglia


The beginning of the night creates amazing lighting conditions and a unique atmosphere.


'Amsterdam before the storm' by joanaduenas


Even if this may sound a bit strange, it's true: Conditions for street photography are excellent in the dark wet and/or foggy atmosphere!


'In the teeth of cold winds' by Yvette Depaepe


For example, various street lights, especially in combination with wet conditions, create amazing reflections and very cool light-shadow scenes.


N/T by Irina Sen



'The red umbrella' by Marc Apers


There is almost not a time of day in the city with more atmosphere than at night. The people walking in the hours of darkness often appear somehow different. With every hour of darkness in the evening, the kind of people who move through the street’s changes.


'Walking in the rain' by Vito Guarino

One often asks, what is better for street night photography, colour, or monochrome version? But can this question be answered without any doubt? Most probably not.


'Moonlight stroll' by Piet Flour


The trend to shoot mostly in monochrome is simply because very often work is done with motifs that put the existing street mood, the atmosphere, and the action in the foreground, without the influence and distraction of colour stimuli.


'Prague in Black & White' by Marcel Rebro


Whether to adopt monochrome, colour or perhaps even both together depends on what the photographer wants to use to express so that the photos tell exactly what he/she wants them to convey.


N/T by Florentinus Joseph



'my Vision' by Carmine Chiriacò


There is hardly a time of day when the city streets are filled with more sentiment than during the night. 


'Trattoria la Ponte' by Izabella Végh



N/T by Antonio Grambone



'fiddler' by Christoph Hessel


However, one must have the courage to venture out with a camera into the city streets in the dark, to endure, sometimes braving the cold, the snow, the fog or possibly getting soaked by the rain.


'Winter evening in Prague' by Antonio and Giuliana Corradetti


But at the end of the day rewarded with wonderful city street night photos


'The Café' by Rui Caria



'into the night II' by Alexander Schönberg



'rain at night' by Ayatullah R. Hiba



N/T by Robert Beliczay


However, before embarking on this nocturnal photographing adventure, the following checklist should be kept in mind.

è    Use tripod and self-timer or remote shutter release.

è    Switch off camera and lens stabilizers.

è    Set rather higher ISO value according to the situation.

è    Choose a larger aperture setting (between f/8 and f/13). This has the advantage that many buildings are in focus.

è    If light stars should be captured, the aperture has to be closed more. The more the aperture is closed, the more intense the stars become.

è    Observe histogram (light and dark values).

è    Tend to use smaller focal lengths and a avoid tele-lens (wide-angle fixed focal length is ideal).

è    In case of focus problems zoom in the live view and focus manually.

è    Use manual white balance.

è    Look for a nice light source or a spot that is well-lit.

è    Set your camera on “mirror lock-up mode” (most often applied at slow shutter speeds to avoid blurred images caused by lens vibrations).

è    Don't forget a small pocket torch handy to illuminate the foreground if necessary.


It is advisable to capture rather more photos than only a few. Although the selection will take more time, the larger choice is always an advantage.


'The last tram' by Maxim Makunin


To sum up: "Night city and city street photography is an excellent way to overcome the limits of natural vision and create extraordinary photos".
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Thanks for sharing one my street images.
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Thank you very much for the excellent article. I am pleased that I was allowed to be there with a small part of it .
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...many thanks to Miro and Yvette for collecting and publishing such a great photos and article, also for selecting my old photo :)
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Wonderful work. Congratulations to all...
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Wow wonderful collection of images full of Mood and drama Well done one and all First Class.
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Oliver PRO
I personally am drawn to night photography I love the option to easily capture ominous atmosphere or fantasy.
Agree with you Oliver, night photography is something special.
I love night photography. Thank you Miro, for this article and also for choosing some pictures of mine.
Many thanks for your nice words of appreciation dear Michel.
Bellissimo articolo, con altrettanto illustrazioni. Grazie mille che anche una mia fotografia può essere nell'articolo. Un bellissimo regalo.
Grazie mille per il tuo complimento, cara Izabella
A wonderful article, wrapped like a gift in the lights of the night, many thanks and congratulations dear Yvette and Miro, a pleasure to go through it, and congratulations to the artists who created these amazing images!
All credits go to Miro and the authors of the selected photos ;-)
Fabulous article and amazing images thank you Miro and Yvette. !!!
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Excelente compilación. Enhorabuena a los fotógrafos.
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