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Featured Exhibition: Movement, dance, contrasts

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 2nd of June 2023

This month's featured exhibition is titled 'Movement, dance, contrasts'  by Eduards Kapsha
The introduction to his exhibition : 
My love for photography is blind, it satisfies my ego and ambitions, heals like a psychotherapist and intoxicates like an ordinary wine. Thousands of frames shooting ballet both in performances and at gala concerts in servo from prompters and sound direction rooms and many hours spent at the computer selecting pictures. However, in the end, this resulted in around ten pictures approved for publication. Ballet has its own rules. So has photography. Movements and poses must be precisely fixed. Everything has to look perfect. That’s what ballet is - perfectly precise in choreography and music, the athleticism of dancers and mind blowing realization of movements. The spring of 2020 was the time when exhibition halls and performance stages were closed. Culture was paralyzed, as a result, many professionals and also aspiring artists were left without work, training opportunities and without the attention of audiences. They trained in apartments, parks, and by the seaside. Away from people. During this quiet and inactive time, an idea emerged to invite ballet artists to collaborate, using abandoned factories, old manors, and castle spaces as the stage, which would contrast with the model, but at the same time highlighting the depressing mood of the pandemic.

This exquisite exhibition celebrating the elegancy of ballerinas will be exposed on the opening page  / Gallery of our site during the whole month of June 2023.

Click here to see the entire exhibition: Movement, dance, contrasts by Eduards Kapsha (

To trigger your curiousity, here is a small compilation of images out of
Movement, dance, contrasts by Eduards Kapsha


'Young girls' 

'If I could'

'E & A'


'Ex Ballerina'

Your work is fantastic, great technique and creativity ... many compliments!
Labi pastrādāts, Edžu!
Impressive! As a former ballerina, I must say that I was quite pleased with this article. Not to mention excellent photos. Beautiful! Great work.
Splendid! The composition and lightings are just spectacular.Bravo!