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Featured Exhibition: LiFe CiRcUs by Davide Barzaghi

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 19th of May 2023

This month's featured exhibition is titled 'LiFe CiRcUs' by Davide Barzaghi   
Here is his explanation about this meaningful exhibition : '
Life Circus is a journey without return into the depths of feeling, a project about my intimate attempt to find a sense of life. The whole circus is a frenetic chaos of pressing emotions, disillusioned glances, mocking smiles and enigmas to be interpreted. The circus lives and loses itself within itself, telling intertwining stories, chasing an applause, a smile, a hug. Each character comes to terms with his role, with the emotions he feels and represents, with the body he animates, the vice he indulges or the virtue he profanes. Fragments of bodies, improbable postures, transactional objects, all tell the everyday: happiness and regret, resignation and euphoria, seasons, life elements, night and day..... all this is life circus. A surreal show that is dramatic and ironic, tragic and funny, a place where everyone, looking into each other's eyes, searches for a meaning that is not there. We are all part of a circus, and this is mine.'

This unique and outstanding exhibition will be exposed on the opening page  / Gallery of our site during the whole month of May 2023.

Click here to see the entire exhibition: [18] LiFe CiRcUs by Davide Barzaghi (

To trigger your curiousity, here is a short compilation of images out of
LiFe CiRcUs by Davide Barzaghi





'Declaration of Love'
'Sweet Dreams'
Excellent and creative with the stories and the mood! Congratulations!
Great visual stories!
txules PRO
Truly brilliant
Great work! Congratulation on the feature.
Thank you for bringing us closer to this beautiful exhibition, dear Yvette. Great job Davide!!!
Dear Mabel, this is surely an exhibition which deserves to be featured in the magazine ;-) Cheers, Yvette
Congratulations on being featured in the magazine as well as the gallery, Davide. You put so much thought and creativity into your work, so this recognition is well deserved. Thanks to Yvette as always.
I had to share this interesting and meaningful exhibition, Elizabeth. Truly impressed by Davide's work. Cheers, Yvette