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Exhibition 'Gardens in the mind' by Ludmila Shumilova

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 9th of May 2023


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In the spotlights today, the exhibition 'Gardens in the mind' by Ludmila Shumilova
This beautiful and most interesting exhibition shows us exquisite florals and a few wonderful flowery portraits. 

Ludmila quotes : '
All my work has found inspiration in the theme of the garden as the focus of  a multifaceted approach to many meaningful aspects of human life: representation of reality, aspirations, memory. In my project I focus on the interaction between plants as complex organisms and the human mind, on how their presence and observation shapes and mirrors our perception of the world and ourselves. I try to understand how flowers are reflected in our imagination and projected back as synthetic artistic representation. Their shapes, patterns, colours, textures are closely related to their own circadian rhythm, movement, life-cycle but they may be also interpreted as messages written in an encrypted language and influencing our visual preferences in art or design.'

[24] Gardens in the mind by Ludmila Shumilova (


To trigger your curiosity, here are a few images.


'Imperfect memories of a garden'
'Spring night'
'Flora, godess of flowers'




So beautiful and so artistic and so enjoyable! Excellent work!
Thank you so much!
I am a big fan of your beautiful work, congratulations dear Ludmila!
I am delighted by your comment! Thank you!
Wonderful works, Ludmila! Lots of my compliments!
Igor, thank you for you appreciation!
What a wonderful flowers gallery dear Ludmila, absolutely mesmerizing images. My warmest compliments.
Many thanks, Arnon!
Wonderful photo work full of beautiful flowers congratulations Ludmila, thank you Yvette
Very grateful for your appreciation, Miro! Thank you!
I enjoyed your images, impressive compositions, beautiful, congratulations!
I am so grateful for your comment! Thank you!
Impressive compositions, Ludmila! Congratulations!
Thank you so much for your kind comment, Marius!
Hello Lyudmila: Your photos reflect my obsession with flowers. For years I used to start the day going up to my terrace to photograph any flower that was alive at that moment. I watched as even without the end of winter, they were born. Your beautiful compositions, made with a great effect of light and harmony, captivated me from the beginning, because they moved me to that inner world that helped me so much in the worst moments of my life- Congratulations for these delicate compositions that contain so much beauty. Warm greetings.
I am really touched by your message, dear Asuncion! Thank you so much!
Excellent work Ludmila full of poetry 🌼🌸🏵🌺 Thank you for introducing us to this beautiful exhibition, dear Yvette. Good job as always!!! 👏👏
Thanks Mabel ;-)
Many thanks for you appreciation, Mabel!
Fantastic whole series, congratulations!
So grateful for your comment, Giuseppe! Thank you!
A real pleasure to watch these wonderful images. Thank very much Yvette and Ludmila !!!
It means a lot, Thierry! Many thanks for your appreciation!
Your work is so beautiful. I love it.
Many thanks, Monique! I am so happy you like it!
Thank you, Yvette, for bringing my works into focus. I'm really happy and grateful.
My pleasure, dear Ludmila ... missing late spring and your florals are bringing hope and happiness. Cheers, Yvette