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Exhibition: Bodies sculpted by light by Jackson Carvalho

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 12th of April 2023


This month's featured exhibition is telling us about the 'Vision in Black and White' by Jackson Carvalho.

Jackson quotes :
"Seeing the world and its elements through my own perspective and extracting from that vision something that is my own. Perceiving, lighting, directing, composing and post-producing images that dialogue with the viewer and that can, in this brief dialogue, transmit my messages that express my experiences and abstractions of dreams, fantasies, beauty, wishes and desires."


This unique and outstanding featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page  / Gallery of our site during the whole month of April 2023.


Click here to see the entire exhibition : [14] Jackson Carvalho (


Here are a few images to trigger your curiousity about those 
Bodies scultpted by light by Jackson Carvalho


La Ballerina
Sculpture #5
The pain that screams
E' indubbiamente un progetto fotografico di grande impatto e originale grazie all'uso sicuramente di lente grandangolare che conferisce una tridimensionalità particolare.
Fantástico trabalho muitos parabéns Jackson !!
Beautiful work, congratulations
Thank you so much
Parabéns querido amigo!
Obrigado querido amigo e aluno
Wonderful, poetic, masterful! Great photography!
Thank you so much
Congratulations, very beautiful exhibition!!!
thank you so much