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Happy Easter to all of you !

Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 7th of April 2023

The founders, Ralf Stelander, Jacob Jovelou and the entire 1x crew

by John Wilhelm

Eastern folklore is rich in symbolism and traditions, including those related to bells, eggs, bunnies, and other elements. These symbols are often associated with spring, rebirth, and renewal, and have been incorporated into various religious and cultural celebrations throughout history.

Bells are rung to celebrate Easter. According to tradition, the bells of the church remain silent during the week leading up to Easter Sunday, to mourn the death of Jesus Christ. But at midnight on Easter Sunday, the bells are rung joyfully to announce Christ's resurrection.

Eggs are also a common symbol in Eastern folklore, particularly during the spring season. In many cultures, eggs represent new life and rebirth. Painted eggs are an important part of Easter celebrations. The eggs are often decorated with intricate patterns and symbols, such as flowers, birds, and geometric designs.

Bunnies: In many Eastern cultures, the hare or rabbit is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, and is associated with springtime. This may be why the Easter Bunny, a character who brings eggs and treats to children on Easter morning, has become a popular part of Easter celebrations in many Western countries.

Other Eastern folklore symbols related to spring and renewal include flowers, such as cherry blossoms and daffodils, which represent the beauty and new growth of the season. 

All these traditions serve as a way to connect people to their cultural heritage and to celebrate the important moments in their lives. They also provide an opportunity for people to come together and celebrate their shared beliefs and values, regardless of their differences.

Overall, these Eastern folklore symbols reflect the deep spiritual and cultural traditions of the Eastern world, and they continue to be celebrated and cherished by people throughout the world today.


 by Rob Olivier



'Eggs' by Bill Gekas


'Together' by Christophe Kiciak



'Just believe' by Fabi Art



'In the morning' by Nel Talen



by Ben Goossens



by John Wilhelm



'Easter Bunny' by Oxana Zuboff



'Easterinvasion' by Christine von Diepenbroek



'The First Cherry Blossom' by Inna Karpova



'Sniff up the spring vibes' by Ve Shandor



by Katie Andelman



by Jacqueline Hammer



by Delphine Devos



'Easter Babies' by Lisa Holloway




'easter shirt' by Udo Dittmann



by U. Midtgaard


....what a wonderful series of images !! Many congrats !...
Excellent series!
Stunning images, congrats. Happy Easter !!!
Wonderful photo Easter Gallery. Happy Easter.
Happy Easter to all! Excellent collection of the wonderful, warm and heartening works!
Happy Easter!! Wonderful selection of images for easter!!
Happy Passover to All of you too!
Sweet images! Happy holiday's however you chose to celebrate spring!
Beautiful images, Happy Easter to all
Great images! Congratulations....Happy Easter to all...
What a great collection of images! So much creativity! Thank you Yvette and featured photographers for bringing sunshine to my day! Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!
Superb and creative collection. Thank you for sharing them with us. Happy Easter to all of you.
what a wonderful thematic collection. Happy Easter to the complete team of Regards Hans-Wolfgang