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Featured Exhibition : The Adventures of Young Matilda

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 10th of March 2023


This month's featured exhibition tells us about the amazing 'The Adventures of Young Matilda' by Adrian Donoghue.


Adrian quotes : A creative photo essay of young Matilda stepping out into the world under the watchful eyes of her grandfather.
The works are presented in chronological order so we can watch her grow from a 3-year-old to a grown up 7-year-old.

The series is presented in the style of an Enid Blyton book cover, and tell stories of mystery, intrigue, or just pure whimsey.


This charming and excellent featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page  / Gallery of our site during the whole month of March 2023.


Click here to see the entire exhibition : [11] The Adventures of Young Matilda by Adrian Donoghue (


Here are a few images to trigger your curiousity about
Young Matilda's adventures under the watchful eyes of her grandfather,
  Adrian Donoghue


The Room

Rising Seas - Matilda dream of being queen of all oceans

Rain - Dry under her umbrella



Undercover - Her undercover work takes her to Paddington station in London



The Call - Matilda steps up to make an important call


Congratulations, I watched with admiration.
Great bright works! Thank you for introducing us to them!
Extraordinary and beautiful photoessay ! Each frame is a masterpiece , beautiful narrative in photography
禹远 PRO
The Master at work, congratulations Adrian!
Well expressed, Wayne ! I fully agree ...
Thank you all for your kind comments and a big thanks to Yvette for all her hard work, much appreciated.
Thank you, dear Adrian. I like what I do here and it was a pleasure to present your fantastic exhibition. Thinking about my 15 grandchildren ... but all grown up now. The twins would have been stars in a series and they were from their birth till now. You're a blessed grandfather ;-)
Incredible. Bravo.
Extraordinary! Congrats, Adrian! Such beautiful stories rendered in amazing images!
Estupendo. Soy un aficionado al trabajo de Adrian desde hace mucho tiempo.
The mastery over light and the simplicity of the narrative is wonderful!
Adrian is a magician. Thank you Yvette for this nice presentation and congratulations to Adrian ♥️
You're right, Adrian is a magician. He and Matilda are an extraordinary team. Thanks for your fine reactions, Mathilde.
A very wonderful tribute to this great photographic artist Adrian Donoghue and his charming granddaughter Matilda. Thank you Yvette for this article that brings a smile to your face.
Lovely and outstanding, isn't it. I think everybody will smile by watching this exhibition. Thanks for passing by, dear Erhard!
Amazing images, and very interesting storytelling , I got transported to my childhood and my favourite writer Enid Blyton
Congratulations Adrian