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For you, the door to critique is always open - Part III

by Mike Kreiten, Head of the  Senior Critics Team
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 3rd of March 2023 



1x provides two very different ways to ask for comments and a critique of your photo

1. Green Button . . . When your photo has finished curation you can click the green button, 'Request Critique'. Your photo is offered to members who have voted on your work to comment on it anonymously. You may get several opinions, but unless they've offered their name so you can see their profile you may have questions like . . . who is criticizing my picture, and how skilled or experienced are they as photographers or critics?

2. The Blue Button you see when selecting Critique from the side bar menu will lead you to the 'Critique Forum', which is a very different, not anonymous place for in-depth feedback – ideally before curation. Here the Senior Critics (and sometimes members) go into more detail and can often suggest ideas or techniques to improve a photo. Some members use this service to fine-tune an image before it's sent to curation. Usually two or three of the Senior Critics will have a close look at your photo and tell you what they see - what works in the image, and what could be improved. They are not anonymous, so you'll know who is writing to you. All 1X members are welcome to join in these discussions.


The Senior Critics are volunteers chosen for their experience, knowledge, and skill in making photographs and communicating with words. Why should you trust them to examine your best photos? I can't speak for the whole team, but I believe most have a desire to help their fellow photographers. Photography has given us a lot of joy and fulfillment - and by helping other photographers we can give something back to the craft .

Green Button, Blue Button . . . . try both sections
They each have value. We learn the craft of Photography by looking at photographs, by making photographs, and by exchanging ideas and opinions with our fellow photographers.

It’s important to note the suggestions or opinions are potentially biased. Everybody has an own style, preferences, methods, individual taste. As senior critics we often have a look at the portfolios and try to get a sense of what members like before giving advice. But it’s likely we cannot always be objective and will recommend according to our own preferences.

Of course everybody can see the photography of critics in their portfolio. But who are they, why do they write critiques. We try to answer this in short portraits about ourselves. Enjoy reading.






Writing about yourself is not an easy thing, often, and rather subjective. There is a differently recorded image in photography, dispassionately showing a fleeting moment, often difficult to capture by many people. And this is what fascinates me in photography.

My adventure with real photography started in 2006 when I joined the International Forum of Photography "Kwadrat" in Wrocław. It was here that I learned to perceive the photographic image in a completely different way. The technical parameters of the photo were not very important here, but the search and proper specification of the subject. The technique was matched to the need to express emotions and not the other way around. This allowed for greater creativity and non-standard approach to many photographic issues. I am not a professional photographer, photography is my passion and hobby. Thanks to it, in many cases I have avoided a heart attack, so I can confidently say that it is an excellent remedy for all professional ailments. Despite the fact that it is not my profession, I approach photography with great care and responsibility. I try to make my vision of the photo reach the widest possible group of recipients. It is not always successful but this is what is the beauty of photography because it does not allow lower flights.


Summer Kampinos swam by Slawomir Kowalczyk

I like to learn from the better and at the same time pass my knowledge on to others. This is what I value in the 1X, where many photographers not only present their photos selected by Curators, but often share their advice with those who need it. I especially appreciated the support of Senior Critics, who showed me their visions of my photos in a very calm and orderly manner.


Moravian hills by Slawomir Kowalczyk

This allowed me not only to find friends but above all to significantly improve my photographic skills.
Finally, at the beginning of this year, I was offered a joint adventure as a Senior Critic in a great team of international photographers. It was and still is a great moment for me and a new adventure with photography that weighs more heavily in my life every day. In addition, it is a place where I can support other photographers in their photographic journey not only through the 1X portal but in their world of photography. It also allows for mutual learning and exchange of experiences. And it is priceless. 
Good light.






I’ve been heavily into photography for over forty years - I know that makes me a dinosaur, and I’m starting to look like one. Complete with big nose.

In my mid twenty’s I started to work as a part-time wedding and portrait photographer so I could afford some of the wonderful camera equipment around at that time. Being under pressure photographing weddings give me a kind of discipline on how to produce high quality images in any kind of weather and any kind of light. Also, I had to work fast and to the clock.

At the same time, I was heavily into camera club competitions I good learning curve for any photographer just starting out. High Quality again was on the cards if you wanted to win top spot.

So let’s fast forward to today – I have no Art degree I’m self-taught with quite a lot of experience won in the field. I did enter the International Salons for a time so I have a few Gold and Silver medals, does that count? I stopped entering the Salons when the Composites started winning everything.

I have an open mind for all kinds of Photography, but not a fan of over-worked images – I love all kinds of people and portrait images – Also Landscapes and Street scenes & Sport –

The reason I became a Senior Critic I wanted to give something back and help others it’s that simple.

I have a good camera eye and the other one is just as good. My computer skills are fair to good as I love computer processing – Being able to download an image in Forum Critique is amazing we can now show in real time what a photographer’s image can look like with our advice added.

The Band of Misfits known as the Senior Critics are a strange bunch of wonderful dedicated people all unique in their own way. All hell bent on trying to improve your standing in the world of photography…





Photography cast its spell on me about 50 years ago, back in the film era. Someone said "Hey, kid - buy a camera - you'll look really cool". So I did. The full addiction started soon after with the magic of the darkroom. The scent of fixer, the soft yellow light, the prints slowly revealing their details as they floated in the developer tray . . . . ah, nostalgia.

I'm Canadian and retired now after working in the photo business for many years. I shot a few commercial jobs, portraits, and weddings - just enough to know that I was more suited to working alone in a dark room. Custom printing tools were limited in the pre-Photoshop days, but we had cropping, colour, density, contrast, paper choices, dodge and burn, double-printing, negative sandwiching, and some one-of-a-kind tricks that we would use to make the best possible print.

I started editing and printing with Photoshop eighteen years ago, and some days I feel that I'm beginning to become fluent with some aspects of that miracle program.

I've exhibited prints in galleries and several times had work accepted for Provincial art shows. Wine and cheese, schmoozing with artists, and having people interested in seeing my prints on the wall.

I tried a few photo websites before discovering 1X in 2014. I immediately noticed and liked the friendly atmosphere. It felt like community. The Senior Critics welcomed member participation so I wrote some comments there. It was a real honour to be invited to join the team in 2015.

I must have looked closely at a million pictures, give or take. I appreciate all genres, but have a particular love for creative edit, and conceptual photography. Those images are created from the photographer's imagination rather than just being interesting things seen and captured. Conceptual images seem to be more about what the world means rather than what the world looks like. In my opinion the best photographs are those that make you think or feel. Some can do both, and those are the best of them all.

If you read to the end . . . well I'm impressed with your patience. Thank you, and here's wishing you Good Light!





Bonjour! I was born in Québec, Canada and French is my native language. After travelling and living abroad for many years, I now call Ontario, Canada home. I am a translator by profession and a photographer by passion. For as long as I can remember, I have loved being out in nature. I am most at home outside. If I could, I would live outdoors, but it isn’t very practical in Eastern Canada! So it only seems natural that I would gravitate, first and foremost, towards outdoor photography as my main interest in photography. That includes wildlife, bird and macrophotography. On the other hand, when I travel, I always have my camera with me to document the culture, history, architecture and landscape of places as well as the people.

I like to incorporate photography into my other activities and hobbies like kayaking, hiking, biking, and gardening. At home, I plant flowers in my garden that will attract insects or will be good subjects for macrophotography. I try to be conscious of my carbon footprint when I go out to take pictures. I photograph birds, insects and flowers that are closer to home or in places I can access by foot or bicycle, if possible. 

I have been doing photography and some videography for a good part of my life, but I developed a renewed interest in it after I got my first DSLR back in 2011. Since then, I have taken this hobby much more seriously, engaging in it almost every day. I loved the instant feedback that digital photography provides. While there was something to be said for the excitement of waiting for the prints or slides to arrive, I appreciate being able to learn more quickly by seeing the results immediately. 

I am a self-taught photographer and have learned what I know from talking to other photographers, looking at other people’s work, asking questions, reading books and articles about photography and watching instructional videos. I have had a few articles and photographs published in magazines, like Condé Nast Traveler, Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie, Our Canada and PHOTONews Canada. 

I am the most recent addition to the senior critics team. I was flattered to be asked to join this team of very knowledgeable and talented photographers. Being part of this group means that I can give back to the photography community by sharing my knowledge and vision. I also benefit from this forum by reading my colleagues’critiques. 
I would like to invite wildlife and bird photographers as well as macrophotographers to try our forum. We are underrepresented here and it would be nice to see more of your work.


Miharu PRO
Thank you very much for excellent photo collection!!
Thank you Miharu for your fine words and feedback..
Great to present the Critical team in this 3 articles. Inspiring to read the stories behind their pictures. They do a great job at 1x, I never used the blue and green button.....but in the future maybe I will. I now understand how its works. Thanks a lot, Yvette and Mike.
Thank you, Annie. Looking forward seeing you using the blue(!) button! :-) I bet you will have a conversation with Lucie then.
Thank you for a great photo collection. For sharing details through your work. Served by a team of top level photographers. I had the pleasure of seeing your works, trying to understand the work process and getting the final result and inspiration from you, thank you for accompanying us closely along the long way of photography
Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation, Aliza.
You are very welcome ti visit us in Critique, Aliza!
Thank you so much for sharing your stories, your thoughts and experience with us. I enjoyed reading all 3 parts so much! A great pleasure!
Thank you so very much for your kind words, Heike, and for taking the time to read the series.
Agreed! nice to meet you all in this wonderful little community of immense talent.
Thank you so much for your kind words, Kimberly.
Great article folks. Nice to know a little more about you all. Warmest regards, Patrick
Thanks for reading them all, Patrick!
Thank you very much for sharing your experience and photography journey with us- very passionately written and expressed.
Thanks so much, we see you in the forum soon?
I enjoyed very much reading about all of you. Wonderful group. Thank you again!
Thank you very much Marie. And thank you for your contributions to the forum. It’s a pleasure knowing you.
Thank you Yvette y Mike for showing us a bit more about the Critics Team and thanks also to Slawomir, Daniel and Lucie for sharing your experiences and for always being there to help us.
Thank you very much Mabel for taking the time to get to know us. We’re happy to help.
It's so good to be one of this great team with so valuable friends. Then it there is Yvette with her great efforts to help us become known to fellow photographers to share experiences. That's just so good to be here. Thank you Yvette once more...
Always ready to help your fantastic fellow members of the team, Cicek ;-)
Thank you once again Yvette for your support and for this article. Let's hope that we will become more known. We are here to help and we don't bite ! :-) Give us a try !
Crossing my fingers to support as much as possible the senior critics. And probably an article / follow-up twice a year in the magazine...
Thank you very much to Yvette for presenting our team. I am sure that in this way we will mark our presence on 1X more and help many photographers by sharing our experience and help in finding various ways to improve the workshop and perception of the world. Kind regards.
My pleasure of course, Slawomir. It is fine collaborating with you all.
Yvette and Mike thank you for the way you presented our team. I hope many photographers will find the way to us and special if they have doubt if an image needs the last finishing touch before going to curation. But that will not say that a visit to us is a quaranty for publishing. It is always your own presentation which will be important.
Well said, Theo! But the senior critics are of such a great help !
Yvette Wow girl are you the one. Thank you for all your help in making us misfits look good.
Danny 'boy', you make me blushing. ;-)
Thank you once again Yvette and Mike for this entire series. I also want to say a special "thankyou" to Daniel, as he was the one who contacted me to ask if was interested in becoming a Senior Critic. I certainly have no regrets to saying yes! We hope to see more photographers taking part in the forum, either by submitting their own photos or joining in discussions.