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Results Contest : The world of insects

by Yvette Depaepe 
Published the 1st of February 2023


Photographing close-ups or macros of insects can be fun if using the right settings. Insects aren't so good at following directions, so an insect photographer has to be patient, wait, watch and be ready for the moment a good opportunity presents itself, to nail it.  The many submissions were of outstanding quality.

The winners with the most votes in this contest are:
1st place: Kutub Uddin   
2nd place: Henry Mayer     
3rd place: Massimo Chiodini

Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions and thanks to all the participants in the contest 'The world of insects'


'Storm photography'  is the currently running theme.
Storms present many different opportunities at different stages of their development but aren't always a pleasure to shoot often bringing strong winds, rain and hail and (hopefully) lightnings. They often result in moody dramatic and eye-popping images.

This contest will end at midnight on Sunday the 12th of February 2023.
The sooner you upload your submission the more chance you have to gather the most votes.
If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, click here.  

Good luck to all the participants.


1st place : by Kutub Uddin



2nd place : by Henry Mayer

3rd place : by Massimo Chiodini
by Anna Cseresnjes

by Judy Tseng

by Zina Heg

by Fernando Alves

by Stuart Williams

by Giuseppe Satriani

by NedaKazemifard
You can see the names of the TOP 50 here.  

The contests are open to everybody except to crew members.
Submitting images already published / awarded on 1x is allowed.
Stunning macro shots, congratulations to all winners
Congratulations to the winners!!! What beautiful photos again. (I saw some spider pictures come by, those are not insects). ;-)