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Life Story

by Editor Miro Susta
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 9th of February 2023


In our fantasies we call life the highest value for which and in which we exist, move, act, gain the experience and acquire knowledge.


'Life' by Marco Sartori


Thus, we believe that there should be no higher value than life since every other value must be included in it.


'Lifetime' by mario lotzin / uwe friessner


Where life is destroyed, all other values contained and realized in it are destroyed with it. Of course, life also has a value quite apart from all other values.


'Wadden Sea structures with samphire…' by Piet Haaksma


That is why many people who accept our ideas and think about them, who are themselves searching for the highest value or believe they have already found it, ask: What is life?


'Plateau Life' by Niyazi Gürgen


There is no clear, universally accepted definition of life. Nevertheless, a list of criteria helps biologists to recognize a living organism. Synthetic biology wants to explore the boundary between living and non-living subject matter.


'Cracking beauty' by Ruiqing P.


First, we say to all those who are inquiring in this way: go to the poets and artists! They will tell you about life!


'Life in the middle of Desert' by Majid Behzad


And they will tell you about the essence and importance of life if they are true poets and artists because they have the ability - with their own perception, their original understanding, their intuition - to see, to hear, to feel and to receive what is essential and important.


'Life and death' by Fabrizio Moglia


And thanks to their creative capacity, they can express and convey to us that they have experienced and created, each in their own way, what the rest of us could not recognize and understand without them.


'Life in an imaginary world…' by Thierry Dufour


In addition to the experts in the word, we also need creators of images, sounds and movements, because mere speech is not able to express everything. Above all, go alone with open eyes through the life of which you are a part. Get immediate experiences and seek to find out their nature with your soul and know them with your spirit.


'Life is beautiful' by Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz


The more intensely you surrender to life, the more you will gain from it. Thus, you can eventually reach the fulfilment of the meaning of your life.
But what is life?
We have drawn attention to the help of poets and artists, then to the possibility of living, verifying and exploring for yourself your own life, your own life path.


'Life with colors' by Mohammad Shefaa AFIAP


But the more intensely one does this, the deeper one enters life, even if one does not know how to formulate an answer to our question: What is life?


'The essence of our life' by Ben Goossens


To answer this question at the appropriate level of knowledge, let us make an experiment.

Let us first examine the content of the concept of "life".
What is life? – life is a part of biology, which as a science deal with living things.

However, yet to this day, the phenomenon of life remains enormously complex and difficult to grasp.


'Family walk' by Miro Susta


Depending on the perspective and scientific discipline - whether biologist, chemist, physicist, or philosopher - there are many different attempts to approach a comprehensive definition of life. However, researchers have not yet found an all-encompassing definition.
Many understand it only as the organic life of a plant, an animal, a human being.


'Life and Death' by Delphine Devos


This is conditioned historically. In the past, people knew nothing about the evolution of the cosmos and the earth.

Will we ever know everything? This is not an easy question to answer. According to the second principle of dialectics, everything is related to everything, so that knowledge of everything may seem possible in principle, given enough time.


'Life goes on' by Ali Khataw


But today's man probably does not have all the qualities and abilities necessary for this purpose. If so, we must be content with being able to understand the nature of life at least in relation to a small part of it.


'Life Descent' by Carlos Aliperti


So, do we know what life is?
The answer is: We know a great deal about life thanks to our capacity for knowledge, and moreover we know something about it thanks to our capacity for spiritual experience, that is, through what enters our senses, what we experience in our innermost being.


'This is the Miracle of life' by Yvette Depaepe


And even more: we are able to invent, to sense, to creatively form the new. We are a part of life that is knitted and woven into a whole, and we cooperate in shaping that whole.


'Life' by Anja Buehrer


This is certainly a lot. And we will call happy the one who has already understood this, with full awareness or at least subconsciously, and has included himself as part of the whole.


'Last Hope' by Deniz Ener


Finally, some citations, proverbs and wisdom about the essence of life.

The goal of life is not to be a successful person but a valuable one. ~Albert Einstein~


'Surgeons' by Peter Kemp


One can understand life backwards; but one must live it forwards. ~Søren Kierkegaard~


'In transit' by Gilbert Claes


Everything will be all right in the end. If it is not good, it is not the end. ~Oscar Wilde~


'Lebensziel' by David Aristoteles


It is not the years of your life that count. What counts is the life within those years. ~Abraham Lincoln~


'Hard Life' by Fernando Alves


Once you have found yourself, you cannot lose anything in this world. ~Stefan Zweig~


'Life is beautiful-II' by Zoran Toldi


Laughing at our mistakes can prolong our own lives. Laughing at another's mistakes can shorten it. ~unknown~


'The Driver' by Luis Borges Alves


Who knows about a meaning of his life, then this consciousness helps him more than anything else to overcome outer difficulties and inner complaints! ~Friedrich Nietzsche~


'lifetime when right' by Stefan Beutler


The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out WHY! ~Mark Twain~


'New Life' by Mario Tarello


Do not run after the past and don't get lost in the future. The past is no more. The future has not yet come. Life is here and now. ~Buddha~


'Midnight Story' by Alfredo Yañez



The sense of life is to find your goodness. The purpose of life is to donate it. ~Pablo Picasso~


'No.3' by ADIREK M.


Whoever is conscious of a purpose in his life, this consciousness, more than anything else, helps him to overcome outer difficulties and inner discomforts! ~Viktor Frankl~


'Another Self #2' by Tales Yuan


The goal of life is self-development. To bring one's own being to full development, which is our destiny! As well as - connected with it - the fullest possible utilization of the individually given possibilities and talents. ~Oscar Wilde~


'The Machine has eyes on you' by Colin Dixon


As Einstein already pointed out: "The important thing is not to stop asking questions."
So, if you still have questions, keep asking or try to find out the answer yourself!
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Thank you very much for selecting my photo for this story. Much appreciated!
You are most welcome Ali
Excellent and very inspiring article, Miro. Many thanks for selecting one of my photos. Greetings.
Thank you very much Fernando
Thank very much for selecting my photo Miro.
You are most welcome Tales
Belle sélection d'images et belle réflexion philosophique.
Merci beaucoup pour nos belles paroles d'appréciation, chère Isabelle.
Very inspiring article and a great selection of photos! Thank you for selecting one of my images.
Thank you very much for your praise Ruiqing.
Great article, Miro Thank you very much for selecting one of my images.
Many thanks Adirek.
Thank very much for selecting one of my photo, superb article !!!
You most welcome Thierry, many thanks for your praise.
Great article Miro and a huge privilege for you to select one of my images :)
Thank you very much Colin, I am glad to see that you like it.
Fine article about the essence of life, Miro !!! Thanks for selecting one of my images. Cheers, Yvette
Many thanks dear Yvette for your nice words of appreciation.