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Ingrid Van Damme: Visual Poetry

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 6th of february 2023


Ingrid Van Damme loves minimalism, double exposures and ICM (intentional camera movement).  She has her own style, likes to get inspired by the artworks on 1x but always tries not to orient herself to others to keep her own point of view intact.
I invite you to wander through her work and discover the artist behind her photographs. 


'Lady in Red'


Dear Ingrid, first I would like to thank you so much for taking the time to answer this questionnaire! To begin, please introduce yourself shortly and tell us more about you, your hobbies or other projects you are involved in!

Thank you for your interest in my photographs. My name is Ingrid Van Damme. My main interest is nature which inspires me a lot and relaxes me.
I started with macro photography, but gradually I became more captivated by landscapes and  seascapes. I like particularly to photograph the sea because of using a slow shutter speeds to achieve the minimalistic look. Now I'm mainly working on multiple exposures and ICM (intentional camera movement).  It all depends on how seasons go in terms of colours.  As said before, I'm  really fascinated by minimalism. In addition to photography, I also enjoy walking and cycling in nature.


'Scattering Hop'



'Endless Pier'


For many of us photography is either a hobby or a way of life. How would you define your relationship with photography?

To me, photography is a way to relax. From the moment I'm out with my camera,  I am so focused that I can think of nothing but my subject and all possible perspectives.


'Poppy's in the field'



'Shopping time'


You have your own style but your work is very diversified.  I see creatively edited photography, landscape photography, street photography, people, animals etc. Can you explain why this is?

I'm found of challenges and I like to try out everything.


'Autumn mood of seed boxes'



'Stairs to heaven'



'Pasta bistro'



'Walking on the beach'

What is more important to you, the mood,/story behind your images or the technical perfection?

Both are important , to a certain extent perfection is essential to my photos, although sometimes it involves multiple exposures and Intentional Camera Movement it is still necessary to get it right so that the atmosphere is optimal.


'Love it .. take care of each other'



'Pollard willows in winter mood'


Describe your overall photographic vision.

To me, a photo should have a certain mood at first sight and at the same time it should have a minimalistic touch.


'Fish Poles'


Can you please tell us something more about your workflow from the idea to the final product?

Most of the time, I start with an idea and then look for topics that might be suitable for it. Sometimes I come across something else on my path that can be useful for a different way of shooting. I look for seascape locations with specific subjects.
In the beginning I worked with Photoshop 5 and 6 and I had to rend the Adobe LR than I worked with Apple's software. But nowadays, I use Light-room to select the photos I want to process and use PS if necessary.


'Passing Train'


Many are of the opinion that the gear is not very important when the passion for photography is strong. However, can you please share with us what gear you use (camera, lenses, lighting, tripod, etc.)?

I'm using a Canon 5D MKIV and have a good selection of lenses for different purposes. Also I use LEE filters for seascape taken with long exposures.


'Go in The water'


What would be your favourite photo? Please tell us the story behind it.

A most difficult choice to make, because every photo has its mood and an experience that make it special. To answer this question,’maybe my favourite photo is the one I’m going to take tomorrow’.


'Painted snow'


Who are your favourite photographers or mentors whose works have influenced you and your photography?

There are certainly many photos which motivated and inspired me, but I don't have a real mentor. I also try not to orient myself too much on others, so that I always keep my own point of view on things.


'Walking in the foggy Forest'


Now, since we have almost reached the end of this interview, I would kindly ask you to share with us your plans or photographic projects you would like to be involved in.

Just move on and look for new challenges. Most likely focusing more on black and white photography which interests me enormously.


'Leave on vacation'





Is there anything else you wish to add  and what do you think about 1X as a home base for your work?

I want to thank Yvette for giving me this opportunity. I really appreciate it.
Several years ago I saw some photography friends for whom I appreciate the works sharing a link on the 1x media. That triggered me to visit the site and I was really surprises to see so many beautiful pictures. And I immediately thought that if the photos were judged by experts and official curators, I should try uploading my photos to know if they were good enough.
1X is a most inspiring place for photographers and for people who love photography. I always enjoy to see the artworks on 1X. Being published and awarded on the site gives me a good feeling of achievement.


'Paper curves'


Best Regards

Ingrid Van Damme
my website :


Una selezione di immagini straordinarie!
Gloria, grazie mille per il tuo bel feedback,grtz Ingrid
an interesting article and a selection of images that show great creativity. Many thanks to you and to Yvette
Hans-wolgang, Thanks so much for your appreciation, always nice to read such comment, Grtjes Ingrid
Thanks for your appreciation, dear Hans-Wolfgang.
Proficiat met dit mooie overzicht van je werk Ingrid !
Luc, ontzettend bedankt vr je feedback, Grtjes Ingrid
Each image is stunning on it's own, the collection is amazing. It would be nice to have a tutorial on in camera and post processing for one of these images, one can never recreate the creativity but the technical side would be very interesting to understand. Kim
Kimberly, Thanks so much for your appreciation, always nice to read such comment, Grtjes Ingrid
Beautiful photos - as beautiful as reading poems- thank you so much for sharing.
Pang Teng, many thanks for your nice feedback, Grtjes Ingrid
Very beautiful and interesting images because of the means used to sublimate reality... Congratulations on your work.
Jean-Luc, Much appreciaties, Thank you so, Grtjes Ingrid
Your work is truly inspiring. There is so much beauty, poetry, creativity and a wonderful atmosphere in your images. I like a lot!
Martina, thank you so for appreciating my work, and the many comments and likes on my photo's, Grtjes Ingrid
Stunning work, congrats Ingrid. Many thanks Yvette for this splendid interview !!!
Thank you, Thierry ...
Thierry, thank you so for appreciating my work.Grtjes Ingrid
Super om je interview te lezen Ingrid en je variatie in beelden zijn prachtig!
Nel, ontzettend bedankt vr je toffe reactie, Grtjes Ingrid
Feel beautiful looking at your photos.
Mladen, many thanks for your feedback, Grtjes Ingrid
Gefeliciteerd Ingrid met dit interview en je prachtige creative, droombeelden. Mooi werk! En dank Yvette.
Bedankt voor je appreciatie, Jacqueline
Jacqueline, hartelijk bedankt voor je fijne reactie, mede mogelijk gemaakt door Yvette, waarvoor nogmaals dank, Grtjes Ingrid
Very interesting use of ICM and long exposure. The minimalist images are powerful
Shobhit Chawla, Thank you for this Great comment, Grtjes Ingrid
Interesting ICM styles depicted in these photographs. Like to utilise the idea.
Samir, thank you for your nice feedback, Grtjes Ingrid
Wat een fijn interview met prachtige beelden. Proficiat Ingrid. Het minimalisme, ICM...supermooi vind die foto's. Ingrid én ook Yvette: complimenten👍👍
Annie, wat fijn dit te mogen lezen, apprecieer dit ten stelligste, Grtjes Ingrid
Dank je wel Annie !
Very artistic work, congratulations Ingrid!
Yanyan, many thanks for your feedback, Grtjes Ingrid
Prachtige beelden Ingrid en een mooie tekst. Fotograferen is ook voelen en dat toon je goed aan. Proficiat hoor!
Monique, hartelijk bedankt vr je fantastische feedback. Grtjes Ingrid
Many thanks for sharing your inspiring selection and your concept. I love it, dear Ingrid. Also many thanks to Yvette for choosing the work of Ingrid.
Roswhita, thank you so for appreciating my work.Grtjes Ingrid
My pleasure, dear Roswitha. I always feel privileged to be the first to read the answers for the interviews ;-)
What an amazing series is shown here! I admire Ingrids work for a long time and i'm glad that she is in the picture now. Thank you for sharing your photo's Ingrid and thanks to Yvetty to make this visible.
Greetje, thank you so much for this great feedback. Really appreciate this, 👍, Grtjes Ingrid
My pleasure, Greetje.
Thank you for sharing your ideas on photography with us. Your ICM pictures have been an inspiration to me when I started with ICM photography a few years ago and discovered your work. Love it!
Monique, many thanks that you like my work and for your nice feedback 👍