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Karol Važan: In search of geometric patterns

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 23 Januari 2023

Karol Važan loves architecture and abstract photography.  He is always in search of geometric compositions, lines and patterns and minimalism.  He likes perfection and precision and technical quality is his main target.  Let's discover a bit more about the person behind his photographs through this interview. 
Enjoy ...




My name is Karol Važan, I am 40 years old and I come from Slovakia, from Prievidza. I started taking photos in January 2014. In the beginning, I took photos of everything, first with a compact Canon G15, but later that year I switched to a Nikon D7000 SLR. With other lenses, a wide-angle and a telephoto lens, I became fascinated by architecture and abstract photography I am constantly looking for geometry, minimalism and details in architecture.


'White, blue, red.'


I am a self-taught photographer.  I used several books to study.  Sometimes a colleague from a food company in Prievidza where I work, helps me to process my images. In my spare time, I like to listen to records from Dj Insect, I love house and/or drum and bass. 




I'm really attracted to architecture and abstract photography, because I like perfection and precision, so technical perfection prevails in my photos.





'Red line'


I'm always carefully looking on Google maps to the locations I want to visit.  But I also shoot some interesting subjects which I discover by accident, for instance while travelling to and from my work everyday. There are so many fascinating places in our surroundings which we nearly notice, so you absolutely need a good eye.


'Under supervision'


I currently use a Nikon Z6 and two lenses, the Nikkor Z 14-30mm, f/4 S and the Nikkor Z 24-200mm, f4-6.3 VR. I carry my gear in the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L Zip.
I also have a magnetic ND filter 8000x for my Z 14-30mm lens, which I don't always use (not enough time for a long exposure or unsuitable conditions). That's the reason why I simply cut out the buildings and add a different sky, lately.


'Under the lamp'


To edit my photos, I use Lightroom in which I make basic edits and final edits in Photoshop. The Silver Efex Pro plug-in module and /or Sharpener Pro/Output for sharpening images are excellent for a black-and-white photo.




My own favourite photo is Sky Park by Zaha Hadid in Bratislava.


'Sky Park'


My favourite photographers who have influenced me are: the Czech photographer Pavel Kozdas and 1x photographers such as Inge Schuster, Alfonso Novillo, and Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp.




In the future, I would like to map more buildings in my surroundings in addition to modern ones.


'Kotva II.'



'Kotva III.'









'The post office.'


I am grateful to the curators for selecting the best photos shared on 1x to be published and awarded. It makes me extremely happy every time one of my images is published or awarded,

This is my first published photo of 2014.




Thanks a lot for giving me the opportunity to be interviewed.
Karol Važan 



Nice work and collection !!!
I must say wonderful photo collection in this article, you are gifted photographer, accept my sincerest congratulations Karol and thanks Yvette for nice editing
I think that you have a gift for seeing things, bravo 👌👌👌
Nice work, congratulations Karol!
Excellent !
Perfection indeed. And such an imaginative rendering of light and shapes interplay in your black and white images! Great art!
These are all great but i especially love the colour images
Thank you, Karol and thank you, Yvette! Inspiring!
My pleasure to interview fine artists, Wanghan Li.
the black and white architecture are so beauttiful , thanks for charing this with us.
Dear Karol, I admit that I was hardly familiar with your works, which I should have been. You present beautifully compose and lighted architecture works. My compliments and thanks dear Yvette for sharing Karol works.
Always a treat to me to present excellent photographers to our readers, Arnon. They certainly deserve more exposure. Cheers, Yvette