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'Body language 138' by Igor Shrayer

By Editor Michel Romaggi in collaboration with the author Igor Shrayer
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 25th of January 2023


'Body language 138'


The 'body language' series in Igor Shrayer's portfolio is as outstanding as it is intriguing.
Thanks a lot for explaining the meaning you gave to this research about shadows, dear Igor.


How was born the idea of this series? Tell us what you are trying to convey and why you gave it this title?

Body language is an essential, unspoken part of communication that we use to reveal our true feelings and emotions and to give more impact and meaning to our message. Even when you’re silent, you’re still communicating non-verbally. Since body language is a natural, unconscious language that broadcasts your true feelings and intentions, the audience is more likely to choose the non-verbal message of the person who is speaking to you. According to statistics, only 7 percent of the messages are conveyed through words, and the other 93 percent comes from non-verbal communication. Communication is made up of so much more than words. Non-verbal cues such as the tone of voice, gestures, and posture all play their part.


When I started working on the Body Language series, I wanted to create some kind of a non-verbal dialogue between my art and the viewer. There are no faces but bodies showing movements and expressions and trying to express themselves without words. I wanted to create a minimalist black-and-white monochromatic palette where the focus is solely on the figurative shapes and shadows and the model's movements.


'Body language 136'


How did you proceed to realize 'Body language 138'?

This image was merged with 5 different photographs taken with my Canon EOS 6D and blended to create a level of contact and non-verbal dialogue between people who understand each other using body language to create harmony, happiness, and peace. Post-processing was done in Photoshop using Linear Contrast Adjustments and Hue/Saturation Adjustments. I used my previous black and white artwork Body Language 83 (I call it a clean version) which was presented at the International Art Exhibition in Luxembourg and Paris last year.


'Body language 68'


One of the art collectors asked me to create more versions of this artwork in different styles for the next exhibition. Some of these photographs were sold as limited edition pieces. As a result, I created five more variations in different styles including the pop art colouration, the urban version with the background of Tokyo that was published and awarded 1x ( Body Language 129), the abstract version, the surreal version, and the intriguing version with the red circle that makes this composition more erotic, impressive and eye-catching. The red circle can spark a range of emotions in the audience. It is a symbol of power, passionate love, passion, adventure, energy, and mystery.

I enjoy working on the series which have the same theme such as the Amsterdam series, Windows and Doors series, Urban series, and others.


'Body language 44'


Which place does photography take in your life?

Choosing an artistic career wasn’t a matter of choice for me. It was my natural calling and a way to express myself clearly since I always loved art and wanted to create my own straight from the heart. It’s very important to me that people like my art. This drives me to be even more creative in reaching an ever-expanding audience. This is my ultimate goal.


Thank you for choosing my artwork 'Body Language 138' to be presented on 1x. I love the many excellent photos presented here by so many talented people. Thanks to the editor's team for choosing my art amongst many other beautiful works.


'Body language 59'



Wonderfully executed artistic works, beautifully processed and presented. My compliments dear Igor. Thanks Yvette & Michel for the exposure.
Excellent concept and work-out. Many thanks for your inspiration and for the collection of Michel and Yvette!
Thanks for the article and the collection! Eye-opening for me! Thank Igor, Michel and Yvette to make it happen!
What a treat! Thank you!
Excellent very interesting subject, wonderful photographs, well done Igor, Michel und Yvette