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Moods in colour

by Editor Colin Dixon 
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 20st of January 2023


Colour in photography as we all know is one of the most important elements of our images.
We use specific colours and saturation to grab the eye of the viewer.
We can balance the image using complementary colours or using opposing colours such as Orange and Blue / Green and Red for example. 


'Based on a true story' by Arnon Orbach 



'Yellow bike' by Hans-Wolfgang Hawerkamp

But one of the elements I want to write about is the moods of colour.

With a dominant colour we can set a mood in our images. We see this a lot in cinematography where the colour balance in the scene determines how they want to make us feel - horror, romance, etc. Here they commonly use Analogous colours, where one colour is dominant and all the other colours in the scene are similar tones of that colour. You can also use Monochromatic Colour images for the same effect using lighter and darker shades of one colour.  We of course think of this primarily as Black and White with grey tones but the same effect can be achieved using different shades of any colour..

Evoking a certain mood or emotion through colour is key to the art of photography. To use colour effectively in your photos, it’s important to understand how it impacts mood and perception.


With the colour blue, you can influence the mood of your photos by incorporating lighter or darker blues, depending on which of the following moods you are going for.



'Snowy Morning' by Ikuo Lga



'Blue Silence' by Jose Beut



'Pattern of light and shadow' by Akira.k



'Behind the Veil' by Colin Dixon


Red is a powerful colour that can bring out a variety of emotions in people depending on how it’s used. Red in an image can bring out:



'Blood like lemonade' by Paulo Abrantes



Red Rose 3 by Sebastian Kisworo



'Dragon' by Ivan Kovelev


Orange can be used to give the feeling of the following:



'Once upon a time' by Stefan Miron



'Color Harmony' by Tali Stein



'Balloons' by Witold Ziomek


Green is the one cooler colour and can be used to express to following feelings:



'Spring Morning' by Huib Limberg



n/t by Veselin Atanasov



'Surprise!!!' By Pedro Jarque Krebs


Adding purples and purple tints into your images can inspire a feeling of:



'Mystery Room' by Desmet Patrick



'Ortus Solis' by Bragi Ingibergsson



'Purple Veil..!!!' by Alfredo Sanchez


Although colour definitely has a subconscious, as well as a conscious impact on how someone perceives your work, when you are creating a mood for your images through a choice of colour, you are doing it with your own feelings and perspective. Many other people will get different feelings from your work, hence why we love what we do  because photography is an art that we create mainly for ourselves.


Very interesting article about colors. And wonderful images. Super👍👍
Nice and interesting selection of beautiful images .
really interesting article and very beautiful artwork
Peter you have chosen very interesting topic for this article. I agree that colours are very important for photography, the warm golden colour of the sunset or the cold blue for a winter photo, nothing can beat that. But colours are also very important for our daily life, our mood and for all of us who live in temperate zones enjoyment of the colours of the seasons........Thank you for the article and for selecting the lovely photos and thank you Yvette for publishing it.
Thank you Miro and a good point about real life
Very interesting article and nice pictures
Awesome images. Love the explanations.thanks!
Wonderful images, splendid article, congrats !!!
Very informative article and lovely images , Thanks Colin and Yvette
Many thanks, and congrats for the narrative. Colors can be the angel and the devil, at the same time, in a picture. Hard subject to discuss, nevertheless, because of the so many possibilities about the presentation and because so often, the color presentation in a picture can be even more abstract than the b&w one.
Totally agree Paulo
Really good article 👍👍👍
Thank you so much
Thank you so much for the article!
No problem glad you enjoyed it have a great weekend.
Very interesting article and a great choice of images! Thank ou for sharing!
Thanks Heike yes we are surrounded by fabulous photography here on 1x :)
Colors are such an integral part of our life, it is an intriguing subject, thanks a lot dear Colin for your very thoughtful article with the beautiful gallery to demonstrate each color. Thanks for including my photo, much appreciated. Have a good weekend
Thank you Arnon
çok güzel... teşekkürler. :)
thanks a lot for this much interesting article Colin and also for the selection of images. Regards Hans-Wolfgang
Thank you Hans.