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When Life Imitates Art or Vice Versa ?

by Editor Kimberly
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 6th of January  2023


'The predator of tunas' by Adolfo Urrutia


Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? 
It is a longstanding debate whether art imitates life or vice versa.
Some argue that art reflects life and that artists draw inspiration from the world around them to create their work. Others believe that art has the power to shape and influence the way we view and experience the world, and that life is in turn influenced by the art we consume.

Artistic representations of life can range from realistic depictions of everyday events and people to more abstract or symbolic representations of emotions, experiences, and ideas. 


'slow down' by Nieves. Bautista


This deliberation is heightened when street art intersects with a photographer’s keen eye.
Street art, and I include graffiti in this genre, has always been a controversial and divisive subject within the art world. While some see it as a form of vandalism, others view it as a legitimate form of artistic expression.

The most famous, controversial, and well-known street artist, of course, is Banksy.
Martha Cooper, an American photojournalist is renowned for her documentation of the New York City graffiti scene in 70’s and 80’s.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the value of street art and its place within the world of fine art photography. Whether used as a backdrop, subject, or storytelling tool, street art can add depth, meaning, and visual interest to a photograph.


'Apple street' by Shinji Isobe



'LOVE – AMOUR – AMORE – AMOR' by Renate Reichert


One of the main reasons that street art has gained acceptance within the art world is its ability to capture the essence of a place and its culture. Street art often reflects the social and political issues of a particular time and place, and it can provide a unique and powerful visual representation of a community's values and struggles. 


'Was once the wall' by Giulio.Ercolani



'The water carrier' by Amit Paul



'Flooding Havana' by Andreas Bauer



'Streets of Havana, Cuba by Dan Mirica


Street art often pushes the boundaries of what is considered acceptable or traditional within the art world, and this rebellious spirit has resonated with many fine art photographers. By incorporating street art into their work, photographers are able to subvert traditional expectations, create images that are both unique and thought-provoking, using it as a means to document and interpret the world around them, creating images that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.


'I'm watching you' by Gabi Pontes



'Please smile' by Peter Wagner 



'buddies' by Marius Surleac



'RED BOOTS' by Dragan M. Babovic



'The final chapter' by Milena Seita


In addition to its visual appeal, street art can also be a powerful tool for storytelling. It provides a colorful and dynamic backdrop that draws the viewer's attention and adds visual interest to the photograph. This is particularly effective when the street art relates to the subject matter of the photograph or adds meaning or context to the image. 


'Under Observation' by Chris Hamilton



'Piss off!' by Christine Frick



'Relationship' by Andreas Bauer



'Lilliputian' by Fernando Coelho


'Assunta, responsible for the museum' by Antonio Grambone


Whether used as a backdrop, subject, or storytelling tool, street art can add depth, meaning, and visual interest to a photograph. 


'Close Look' by June Tan


'Help' by Lydia Jacobs



'Pietà' by Antonio Convista



'Danger' by Knartist


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