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Time of Love

by Editor Miro Susta
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 19th of December 2022


Christmas is behind the door...
Christmas is the time of love, the time which will bring out peace, freedom and beauty of love.
That why this photo article is dedicated to love.


'Sun for You' by Deniz Ener


The most important thing in life is unconditional love.
Love of oneself, of people, of nature, of the world, of the universe, of life, of God.


'Sealed with a kiss' by Edith Hoffman


Everything else will follow when you accept love as your highest value.
Love is sacrifice, strength, hope, forgiveness, love is the meaning of everything and without it nothing makes sense.
But who knows what real love is?


'love-story' by Bogomolov Denis


Who knows the true meaning of a much talked about and sometimes it seems even devalued word? It is used by everyone, publicly, kitschy, loudly and daily, and that does not mean that they really love. Love of parents and children, love of lovers, love of siblings, love of nature.


'laundry' by asit


You can love a friend, a mother, a son, or nature around you. Different shades, different depths, different expressions. But the real thing that makes love a love should always be the same. What does one really have to experience and undergo to be able to say: this is love?


'Brothers for Life' by Jeffrey C. Sink


The love for nature : we see it, hear it, feel it every day. We also know how much we are hurting nature, from climate change to the killing of the last endangered species to the destruction of forests and woodlands. Is it our true love?


'Siesta' by Istvan Lichner


And further, the following proverbs of known and less known origin, which effectively express a love thought accompanied with beautiful photos from 1x gallery. 


'Mum, Play together' by Hung Tsui

“Love, these are higher values than the appearance of the opposite sex."  ~
Friedrich Dürrenmatt~  - Swiss writer and playwright 1921 - 1990

"Love is an act of faith, and whoever is weak in faith is also weak in love.” ~Erich Fromm~  - German social psychologist, psychoanalyst, sociologist and humanistic philosophe 1900-1980"


'balance' by Martin Strauss


"Reproduction is by nature, but love was invented by humans”  ~Thomas Hobbes~ - English philosopher 1588 – 1679


'Love Time' by Fabio Vivalda



'communication' by Christoph Hessel


“Love is surely the highest thing in life." - Danish proverb


'Love' by Jose Luis Cunha


“Love is the ultimate reward, but it's also a pile of garbage."  ~Robert Fulghum~ - American writer, pastor and teacher 1937


'when even music …' by Roswitha Schleicher Schwarz


“Even the highest wall for love is too low."  ~William Shakespeare~ - Romeo and Juliet 


'The Goodbye Kiss' by Daniel Springgay


“Not love, but fertility is the greatest miracle of nature."  ~Robert Browning~ - English poet and playwright of the Victorian era 1812 - 1889 


'War of Love' by Petar Boskovski


“Love is like a fluid in a curve, which passes to its highest point, only to fall suddenly."  ~Jean Antoine De Baif~ -  French writer 1532 - 1589 


'Love and marriage II' by Christine von Diepenbroek


“Love is like a life insurance policy. The older you get, the higher the fees."  ~Sacha Guitry~ - French playwright and dramatist 1885 - 1957 


'Long Love' by Sarawut Intarob


“Love is the ultimate expression of selfishness. We do not love our partners, but their capacity to love us."  ~Gabriel Laub~ -  Czech essayist and journalist 1928 – 1998 


'tender moments' by Piet Flour


“Love that kills is of a much higher order than love that takes place in bed."  ~Guillaume Apollinaire~ - French poet 1880-1918


'till last moment' by Oğuz Ipçi


"The impenetrable forest is a delight to me, and my soul companions with the lonely shore where I hear the music of eternity from the depths of the sea. I have a love for people, but a higher love for nature."  ~George Gordon Byron~ - English poet and leading figure of the Romanticism movement 1788 – 1824


'Lovely Dawn' by Marek Boguszak


“Love is the greatest healing force in nature." - Osho Indian mystic 1931 – 1990 


'Towards an uncertain future' by Yvette Depaepe


“Nature is generous with lovemaking but sparing with love."  ~Largo Francisco~ - Spanish politician 1869-1946 


n/t by David Dubnitskiy


"Nature, even when viewed from the highest tower of imagination, remains for me, as for so many people in my country, a great book of wisdom."  ~Bogza~ - Romanian avant-garde theorist, poet, and journalist1928 - 1993


'Love' by CK NG


“Love is ever present in nature, both as a motive and as a reward."  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson~ -  American philosopher, essayist and poet 1803 – 1882 


n/t by Stanislav Hricko


“Who does not know nature through love does not know it at all."  ~Karl Wilgelm Friedrich Schlegel~ - German poet, literary critic, philosopher, philologist, and Indologist. 1772 -1829 


'The Big Hug' by René Heylen


“Love is the canvas that nature provides us and on which the imagination stitches"  ~Voltaire~ -  French writer and philosopher 1694 – 1778 


'Love is in the air' by Annemieke


Love is the only thing we can possess, always keep with us, and which we will also be able to take with us one day.
Without love for oneself, for other people, for nature, for the universe and for the God, the human being is cold, isolated and even inhuman.


'smile of love' by Oddfeel


If you cannot love, it is because you are resisting love.
Love cannot be earned, deserved, bought, begged or forced.


'Love' by Veli Aydogdu


Lack of love creates an inner hunger - hungry families pass on the message of hunger to their children. 


'Mother IV' by João Coelho


Love this world with all that belongs to it, love the sun and the rain and rejoice when the wind ruffles your hair and love the summer world with all that goes with it, love the trees and the flowers and the fountains and the streams.


'Autumn Idyll' by Leicher Oliver


Live in love, with humility and a smile.
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