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The making of 'service is coming soon'

by Editor Michel Romaggi in collaboration with the author Roswitha Schleicher-Schwarz
Edited and published by Yvette Depaepe, the 14th of December 2022

 Roswitha, you have your very own style.  Each of your images wears your artistic and painterly signature.
Thanks for revealing us some more about your workflow.


You are using some interesting creative processes to modify some of your photos. What are you looking for and how do you choose them?

My personal goal is to create pictures with a painterly expression. I look at the raw images as a material I can use to convey what I felt and saw at the time I took the photograph. Reflecting on reality is not important to me. I would much rather elicit emotions in the viewer. My favourite part is finding new ways of processing raw images. Sometimes I can spend hours editing just one photograph and end up not using it in the end. But I don't mind. I consider it as practising if I'm not happy with the result. 


'service is coming soon'

Talking about 'service is coming soon', how did you make it?

This photo was taken in November 2022 during a short trip to Venice with my daughter.
 liked the scene, but I have an issue with photographing people without asking their permission and then publishing the photograph. Therefore I choose a way of editing that makes the people in the photograph unrecognizable.

The picture was taken in raw format and was processed in image and processed in Photoshop.

  • First, I converted the image into a PSD file using the raw converter. By doing this, I removed strong contrasts from the image.
  • Then, in Photoshop, I take out all the colours I don't need. In this case green, cyan, blue and magenta.
  • Then I search for a yellow tone that I add to the colourless sky area on a new layer. I multiply this layer and reduce the opacity until I feel the effect is right. I merge the two layers into one layer.
  • I duplicate this layer and use the scaling via transform. I use 101%. I set the opacity to 30%. Offsetting remains at "normal". I do this process four  more times, always using the version previously enlarged to 101%.
  • Then I duplicate the lowest layer and scale it to 110%, opacity to 30% and normal offset.
  • I move all 6 scaled layers to the baseline and move the layers 3 steps to the right or to the left.
  • I cut the scaled planes to the size of the image.
  • I create another copy of the bottom layer and use the filter:I set the horizon line to the upper edge of the sunshades and move the centre to the left, to the height of the waiter. I set this layer to approx. 40 % opacity with normal adjustment.
  • I copy the bottom layer one more time and move it to the top layer with an opacity of approx. 40 % at normal offset.
  • Finally, I use the Nik filter 'analogue' and create a subtle colour version with a slight grain.
  • Then I merge all layers and save them as a JPG file with sharpening via Filter, Sharpening Filter, Selective Sharpener at 200 %, Radius 1 px.


Can you tell us how you came to photography?

I put down my paintbrushes and picked up a camera for the first time in 2006. I had no training in photography and just learned by doing. However, it was never my intention to become a professional or amateur photographer. Additionally, I also became a self-taught digital image editor. 





'Advent season'

thanks for sharing this with us, love it. But I have a question about a certain part of the process namely, I move all 6 scaled layers to the baseline and move the layers 3 steps to the right or to the left. Is it possible to show this earlier with an image? Thanks in advance for your time and best regards, Ingrid
Gorgeous work of art you do dear Roswitha!! Thanks for sharing your amazing technique !! Stunning and a pleasure to appreciate!! Congrats!! :))
Amazing artistic work .Appreciate your sharing on your work flow.
Appreciate the article and the wonderful works!
Thank you so much for your support and appreciation, Wanghan Li!
Many thanks, Muddy!
I love the impressionist feel to the images.
Thank you so much, Peter!
I really love your images, they are so beautiful. Now I have learnt about your postprocessing work, I worship them even more. I always thought the technique you used was double exposure and ICM.
So many thanks for your kind words, Monique! Glad you like it.
Deine Bilder sprechen mich immer wieder an- und es ist nicht "nur" die Technik, die das bewirkt! Sie gehen tiefer....Ich danke dir für deine Erklärung zur Bearbeitung und gratuliere zu diesem wunderbaren Artikel, liebe Roswitha! Not to forget my thanks to Michel and Yvette! Again so interesting to read!
Liebe Susanne, ganz herzlichen Dank für deine wohltuenden Worte.
Glückwunsch zu deiner Würdigung. Deine urbanen Bilder mit ihrer besonderen Ausstrahlung sind eine Klasse für sich. Finde ich toll, viel Spaß weiterhin an unserem Hobby, liebe Roswitha.
Dein Kommentar freut mich sehr, lieber Erhard. Auch dir weiterhin viel Vergnügen beim Fotografieren und Bearbeiten.
Beautiful images. Thank you for sharing the process with us.
Many thanks. It was a pleasure to me, dear Lucie!
wow very interesting way of editing!! Thanks for the information, the pictures are very creative and I like them a lot. Congratulations
Ganz herzlichen Dank, liebe Marion!
Toll! danke für die Beschreibung, bei diesen schönen Bildern frage ich mich immer, wie die gemacht sind, abgesehen vom Skalieren, Glückwunsch!
Lieben Dank für deine Wertschätzung, Ulrike!
Susi PRO
Preciosas imágenes, me encanta su trabajo. Muchas gracias por compartir el tutorial.
Me encanta su comentario. Muchas gracias, Susi!
I wish to extend a warm thankyou-so-much to Yvette and Michel for the interview and the publication of the tutorial.
I had a great pleasure to do it. Thank you Roswitha
Our pleasure to present such an enriching tutorial to our readers, dear Roswitha !
Beautiful images , great effect , thanks for sharing the process
thank you so much for your kind comment, Anita!
Yu Mao PRO
Great effects. Really love these! Thank you for sharing the details behind the images!
Thank you very much for your appreciation, Yu!
Great images and mood! Thank you for the behind-the-scenes glimpse!
Thank you so much for your kind words, Ludmila!
Deine Bilder haben mich schon immer fasziniert. Schön nun lesen zu können mit welcher technischen Präzision Du Deine Kunstwerke erstellst. Dank für diesen spannenden Artikel und weiterhin viel Glück bei der Motivauswahl
Deine Anerkennung freut mich ungemein! Ich bin ja ein Fan deiner Bilder und Kunstwerke. Herzlichen Dank, lieber Wolfgang!
I love this painterly style. Compliments for your stunning works!
I am happy you like it. Many thanks Thomas!