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Smartphone is now 'the place where we live'

by editor Colin Dixon 
Published and edited by Yvette Depaepe, the 16th of December 2022


I am from a time when the telephone was in one room of the house fixed to the wall.
We now all accept that our lives can not be fulfilled without a mobile Smartphone in our hand or pocket.

They are now used for many different things, from banking, shopping, news, social interaction and more importantly, as cameras to the world. Yes, most young people think we are dinosaurs with our cameras and  lenses in our bags.

Photography, whether we like it or not, is moving away from cameras to Smartphones - you just need to see the advertisements for mobiles where the whole advert is about how great it takes photos (no mention of its phone function). Most of the images on the worlds biggest photography site Instagram are with Smartphones. Also many professionals are now using them to create content. They are a very powerful tool in photography terms and something we all need to grasp as we move to the future.

As they develop, less and less people will buy stand-alone cameras, especially the young who mainly view and share their images on Smartphones. We are at the point today where the resolution is very close to even between cameras and mobiles. There are now multiple lenses on the phone with amazing close-up imagery, software functions to control depth of field and exposure times.


I am sure there are a number of us who are dipping their toes into the Smartphone world and “iphoneography”.  I have made more of an effort this year but still love my camera and in the studio world we are still some way off ditching our cameras.
One of our members, Mariko Klug has taken all her images on 1x with an iPhone.

Here are some of the 1x images taken with Smartphones.


'Silence' by Mariko Klug



'Sommer O Sommer' by Hans Vink



'The Magic of a Misty Shore' by Yvette Depaepe



'Door' by Hans Vink



'ONEHUNDREDTEN' by Earlybirdninja



'Whispering' by Mariko Klug



'Soon midnight sound' by Jorris Martinez



'Have a seat' by Mariko Klug



'Autumn Melancholy' by Mariko Klug



'Veil of leaves' by Mariko Klug



'Dewdrops are the GEMS of the morning' by Yvette Depaepe



'The two minders' by Les Forrester


But we photographers, can also use the interaction of people to enhance our view of the world. I think it is important that we as photographers take these images to show how life is in the 2020’s.  So many people whose lives are controlled by the devices we carry around make great subjects for street photography, especially seeing how their interactions with the world around them has changed.
As with all times these images will be a snapshot of time as we have no idea where technology will take us in life in general and as photographers in the future.


Street and creative images with smartphones as the subject.





'Smartphone – Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan 2019' by Masatoshi Asari



'One person in sleeping' by Tatsuo Suzuki



'Take pictures together' by Rolf Endermann



'Mobile facebook ' by Cosmin Munteanu



'Mobile' by Darko Eterovic



'Connection' by Bror Johansson



'Hallo!' by Burghard Nitzschmann



'Unspeakable passion' by Paco Palazon



'One day more on the tram' by Adolfo Urrutia



'The call' by Lorenzo Grifantini



'New Religion' by Cosmin Munteanu



'Ready' by Massimo Della Latta


A very fine subject and amazing shots. I enjoyed it very much.
Great so glad you enjoyed my first article.
A very7 fine subject and amazing shots. I enjoyed it very much.
Excellent images, really good article!
Thanks for your appreciationn Ralf !!! The first article of our new editor, Colin Dixon, is indeed a direct hit ;-) Glad to have him in our team.
Thank you Ralf glad to be on the team :)
Dear Colin and Yvette congratulation for great article and thank you for publishing my pic!
Our pleasure, Lorenzo !
Rem acu tetigisti....
Thanks for your appreciation, Vladimir!
I love that you have chosen this theme Collin, I feel very identified with it. Most of my photos are taken with my smartphone, I think they have evolved to an incredible quality. I still love taking my photos with my camera, but the mobile gives me the possibility of immediacy, if I see something that I like I just have to take it out and shoot and it always goes with me. Although I also like to plan a photo session and spend the morning with my camera shooting. Magnificent selection of photos and editing, dear Yvette, congratulations to you too and to the highlights.
Well thank you so much
Thank you, dear Mabel ;-)
Thank you, Colin. A sublime collection!
Thank you, Colin and Yvette for this amazing and inspiring gallery of images!
Glad you have found some inspiration as that is what 1x is all about :)
Thank you 😊
Incredible collection done by Smartphones! Learning! Thank Colin and Yvette for the article and the collection!
Our pleasure, Wanghan Li
Thank you
E un articolo veramente interessante, e molto utile. Grazie mille per gli autori e ad Yvette per il suo impegno.
Grazie mille
Thank you Yvette for your wonderful article and eye opener!
All credits for Colin, dear Iris. I just edited and published it :-) Thanks for your appreciation.
Thank you so much for all these images and very relevant article and many thanks to Yvette
Thank you Rolf.
Thanks for your apprecitation, Rolf.
I fully agree with you Colin, smartphone has completely changed the world, not only photographers world, i also using my smartphone when i have not my camera, but I still prefer my camera with lens selection, by the way very interesting introduction and wonderful photo collection, many to you and Yvette as well as congratulations to all photo contributors for excellent work.
Miro I am a reluctant user as well at the moment, but trying hard to change. Glad you enjoyed the article and the great images from our 1x contributors
Thank you, dear Miro !
Amazing collection. Great subject to discuss!. The possibilities are endless
Yes they surely are Marie.
Beautiful images and very relevant article
Thanks Anita
Thanks and congratulations to all.
Thank you Massimo