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Featured Exhibition 'Light and dark' by Colin Dixon

by Yvette Depaepe
Edited and Published the 2nd of December


This month, we like to present to you an amazing exhibition 'Light and dark' (Chiaroscuro) by Colin Dixon.

Colin quotesSince my journey in photography really started back in 2010 I have always been drawn to Black and White in the sense of light and extreme contrast . For me Black and white should always have Black and White and tones of Grey. Hence why I am drawn to art nude photography and especially black and white. Here you have the power to create art from the beauty of the human body shape/curves/angles and with the power of Chiaroscuro.

This featured exhibition is exposed on the opening page  / Gallery of our site since the 1st of December and will stay there till the 31st of December 2022.
Click here to see the entire exhibition : 
[16] Colin Dixon (

Here are a few images you can admire in this exhibition, just to trigger your curiousity.


'The Spider'
'Female profile'
'Over my shoulder'
'Cat like'
Great to see your work featured here Colin. I’m a big fan of your work. We have a similar love of b&w as well as lines and curves and shadows. Congratulations on your feature. Keep up the great work. Ash
Thank you so much Ash
Great play on light and shade - Congratulations well done all -Quality work - Great poseing
Thanks Daniel
Excellent Colin! Gorgeous gallery! I'm very happy that Yvette has written something about you. Thanks both of you
My pleasure, Frederico !
verdon PRO
I am big admirer of your work, well deserved of recognition, congratulations
Excellent collection in B&W. Congrats !
Thank you so much
Admirable edition in B/W, congrats Colin, and thank you Yvette
Thank you Carles
Nice collection dear Colin
Thank you so much
Very elegant, nice collection! Thank you Yvette and Colin!
Thanks Vasil
Thank you Vasil!
Great article Yvette! I would love to see a tutorial or article focused on processing images in B & W.! hint.. hint!
That will happen soon, Kim ;-)
Beautiful images with highly effective management of lighting. My compliments dear Colin! and thanks Yvette for sharing with us.
Thank you Arnon
It is so nice to share talents like Colin and so many more with the readers, Arnon!
Lovely collection of lovelies!
My very best compliments, dear Colin. As someone said before: human shapes sculpted by light. I just can recommend everybody to have a look on the complete exhibition. Thank you so much for sharing so many beauty on 1x. Cheers, Yvette
Thank you Yvette