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Results Contest 'Trains'

by Yvette Depaepe
Published the 23rd of November 2022


Locomotives, commuter trains, subways and railway landscapes coming together can create visual poetry that blends nature and man-made sceneries as well as the love for those machines.  Photographing them can even be intoxicating.

The winners with the most votes in this contest are: 

1st place:  Piet Haaksma
2nd place:  Leif Løndal
3rd place : The Jar – Geir Jarveit   

Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions and thanks to all the participants in the contest 'Trains'


is the currently running theme.
ne of the most important elements of photographing performances is being able to capture sharp images or alternatively enough motion blur to suggest movement rather than camera shake.

This contest will end at midnight on Sunday the 4th of December 2022.
The sooner you upload your submission the more chance you have to gather the most votes.

If you haven't uploaded your photo yet, click here.  

Good luck to all the participants.


1st place: by Piet Haaksma 



2nd place : by Leif Løndal  



3rd place: by  The Jar – Geir Jartveit





by Jorge Pimenta



by  Kaushik Dolui



by Martin Fleckenstein



by Petr Kozelek 



by Giuseppe Satriani



by Klaus Tesching 



by Edy Schreiner


You can see the names in the TOP 50 here.  

The contests are open to everybody.
Submitting images already published / awarded on 1x is allowed.

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions!
Congratulations!!! Love the collection!
Thank you Yvette for your work and posting the results. Congratulations to all the winners.
My pleasure, Piet ;-)
Congratulations to the winners and honourable mentions. Thanks to all the participants. Cheers, Yvette